3 Reasons Watch Enthusiasts Love

Practically speaking, the design of a watch is entirely dependent on the wearer’s taste. Some of us like it complicated, and some want it clean and simple. But why do watchmakers bother to produce watches with dials that have impractical designs? This question might have popped inside your mind the time you observed how a friend bought a skeletonized wristwatch. Below in this article, we will cover the 3 Reasons Watch Enthusiasts Love.

3 Reasons Watch Enthusiasts Love An Open Heart Watch
3 Reasons Watch Enthusiasts Love An Open Heart Watch

Or even as you examine a watch model that seemed to have misplaced its mechanical engine in the face of its dial and think: “What does it contribute to the function of telling time?” As you frown from the irrelevance of it, you cannot help but think that you might be missing something. There are many wonders in the ever propagating world of watches, one that will bewilder someone new or even unfamiliar to the labyrinths of its intricate history and advancements, style, and value. While some watch enthusiast would say that an Open Heart watch is not their thing, some of them find themselves in line with the reasons below:

1. It Shows The Complications

Having an Open Heart watch assures the wearer that the inside of the wristwatch is made with quality parts and beats through an excellently made mechanism.

One finely made and designed watch brand that shows a great example is the Glashutte Original. The brand released an unconventional Open Heart watch that shows not only the mechanism working in the dial but with the screws and bolts visible outside. As if it was made inside-out. Every watch enthusiast is interested in knowing how well a watch mechanism works or is built, and an Open Heart gives them a glimpse of the different components. Like the mainspring, which provides the power, or the balance wheel that regulates the watch. In the case of the Glashutte Panoinverse, it is witnessing how caliber 6604 works with its twin swan neck regulators that sit astride the engraved balance bridge and see its screwed balanced wheel beating while interlocked with its exposed escapement.

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Caliber is one of the basic things to be concerned about if you’re looking for quality watches. How many hours of power reserve does it have? Or does it work well even when exposed to magnetic fields? How robust is it? A watch enthusiast loves to know, most if not all, of the details of their watches. However, to witness how it works is another level of assurance for a watch lover. This is why some prefer exhibition case back watches, skeletonized dials, and Open Heart.

Such transparency in the watch mechanism is a nod for assured quality for every watch enthusiast.

2. Beauty and Romanticism

But it does not only assure the watch wearer how things are working perfectly fine inside but also connects the wearer to the watch in a deeper level of appreciation. An Open Heart lets you see how this ticking time-telling device in its balance wheel beats back and forth like much like a human heart.

It’s nice to have a watch that works well and serves its purpose. You’ll never know what’s inside it and be completely fine all the same. But for some watch enthusiasts, looking at their watch and seeing how it works inside, is how they value the craft and handiwork of the watch and the watchmaker. Their admiration for the beauty seen in the mechanism and for those who put their skill and effort into the art of creating time-telling pieces is what makes them value watches all the more. To know more about watchmaking, which is both an art and science, is part of the journey. Investing in a unique watch experience that opens the doors to discussing Horology with other watch lovers, is part of their passion.

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During a digitized time like today, there is a danger of forgetting the pioneering technology that brought us where we are. So one way of preserving it is by boosting everyone’s regard and interest in it by showing the art of mechanical watches as one way of doing it.

Open heart watches connect some watches to the importance of wristwatches in their life, as time itself resembles an ever-turning cycle, like life. It could resemble the passion of the watchmaking industry or the watch innovations through time itself. There is a romantic side to owning a mechanical watch, and open heart watches are one remembering the sentimental value of a wristwatch.

3. A Statement of Reinvention

One of the minor points of having been able to show the mechanical structure of a watch is to exhibit the many things that the industry can do. The world of watches is full of innovation in both areas of functionality and design. Their different modes of producing timepieces show that it is continually pushing barriers and expectations to achieve any design or technological advancement.

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Being able to be eccentric and unconventional is simply a way of flexing what the industry can achieve. Much like how Ferrari re-invented and produced a mid-engine car that most of us would find absurd. These kinds of innovations are the ones that lead to different breakthroughs, and for the car company, it led them to one of their most mass-produced models. For watchmakers, there is an endless area to be uncovered and explored. When you would ask if the watchmakers can create a watch that could have us see the inside. Flip the parts, maybe? Use this kind of material? Sooner or later, you’ll discover that they already made that possibility a reality.  

In Conclusion

Open heart watches are not everyone’s cup of tea. For some functionality should be above the form or aesthetics of the watch all the time. But when looking at some Open heart watches, you can still visibly tell the time. It simply depends on how exposed the inner structure is. But for a watch enthusiast, an Open heart Case watch simply put, is a sultry experience and a watch enthusiast’s guilty pleasure.

With that, time-telling can sometimes then become second nature and for them. But for some, simply seeing the mechanism every time they flip their wrist, is a happy by-product of having a watch.