Download 360 Root App (apk) for Android: Root 360 Apk is an android app that is designated and specialized in rooting all android devices. It has a unique feature that it doesn’t require a computer or a laptop for running and accessing android devices. However, you may need to use your computer if you choose to use its PC version. Below you will find details about how to Download App 360 Root for Android.

How To Use 360 Root App in 2021

What Is 360 Root

360 Root

This Chinese origin app is free to get and it offers numerous other features along with rooting which gives it its distinctive place. Following is the list of the amazing characteristics this app will offer you after you download 360 Root APK for free.

360 Root High-Speed Option for Rooting

You can get easy and immediate access to every android gadget with android 2.2 or the latest after downloading and installing the 360 Root App. After installing the 360 Root App, just run the app and select the root button to begin rooting.

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How To Uninstall 360 Root App

Almost every android user wishes to delete pre-installed apps from their device and luckily 360 Root Apk offers this unique feature. After rooting your device you can easily remove system apps as well as pre-installed apps from your device which is unlikely normally.

System Cleaning and Cache Clearing

360 Root Apk allows you to do two basic daily functions of system clean-up and cache clearance. With this quality, you can improve your device’s performance as well as its lifespan.

Locking the Gallery

Usually, you need to download another app for locking your gallery but with 360 Root app download, you don’t need to waste your storage space on any other gallery locking app.

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360 Root Apk App Review 2021

Recent Test Report

360 Root App failed to root the Android 4.4.4 of Xiaomi Mi4 according to a recent survey. Although the developers of 360 Root App have claimed that this app has the potential to root 9000 devices.

360 Root Alternative Apps

Apart from this app, there are other various substitute apps available in the market too that offer the facility of rooting your device. iRoot App, Root Genius, Towelroot App, and KingRoot App are few such substitute apps that you can use.

360 Root App Credit

Complete production credit for producing 360 Root App goes to 360.CN (360 Security Center) as shared the app for free.

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360 Root Latest Version Apk Free Download

Download 360_ROOT V8.0.1.1.apk – Latest Version

Download 360_ROOT V8.0.0.0

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.6.5

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.6.2

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.5.7

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.3.7

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.3.3

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.3.0

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.1.1

Download 360_ROOT V7.4.0

Download 360_ROOT V7.1.6

Download 360_ROOT V7.1.4

Download 360_ROOT V7.1.2

Download 360_ROOT V7.0.4

Download 360_ROOT V7.0.3

Download 360_ROOT V6.5.5

Download 360_ROOT V6.4.2

Download 360_ROOT V3.0.2


Download and Use 360 Root as it was the most popular one-click rooting app, especially for Chinese phones. It is compatible with over 9000 smartphones and tablets. You can root almost any smartphone with this rooting app without any problems. We looked at all of the beginner’s guides in this article. If this is your first time rooting an Android device, read the entire post and carefully follow the instructions.