There are multiple online video editors that one can download and use with ease. There are online video editors for all to use, be it beginners or advanced users. Here is a list of the seven best video editing tools that you can find online in 2021:

Free Video Editing Tools
Free Video Editing Tools

1. Headliner

 This is great software for those who want to include captions in their videos. You can easily upload any video and using the simple and neat user interface add captions to the video. You can also remove the audio from the video and add any audio of your choice. This is a great online video editor for those who are just starting their journey as a video editor. The online video editor also allows you to choose from a wide range of pictures, videos, and gifs to add to your video to enhance the viewing experience. With this application, you can also turn your podcast into videos and easily share clips with your friends. There are also a ton of visuals to choose from to enhance the experience of your video.


 This online video editor is known for being easy to use with a simple and clean user interface. The reason why this software is so popular is that it comes with pre-made templates that can easily help you begin editing your videos. There are over 5000 designer templates that can help you choose the best one for your video. This online video editor also helps you create videos in different languages or languages that your viewers understand. Editors also have access to a vast video library that contains a lot of stock footage that could be used while editing.

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3. Quik

GoPro is known for its outstanding cameras that many people, especially vloggers, use. But they also have an online video editor that helps share content from smartphones or GoPro devices. The software is very simple to use and does not require much effort. The footage that you upload does not have to be from a GoPro. The editor is very simple to use and has a limited amount of functions. The end product does not have a watermark on it. The application is compact but quite powerful. It also has an auto-sync option for the audio in your videos. There are also a dozen filters to choose from to enhance the viewing experience of your video.

 4. FilmoraGo

 When people talk about video editors one name stands out – Filmora. This software has been quite popular among new and advanced video editors. There are many nice functions that are available on the application that can help you trim/split/crop or even change the ratio of the video. It is a simple application with a neat and easy-to-understand UI. The application is free to use and does not place a watermark on the finished product. This software is also available for both iOS and Android.

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5. Kapwing Video Montage Maker

 This is a great application that can be used to combine videos, gifs, and images in your project. The application is limited with the features it provides but is great for beginners. The UI is very simple and clean and can help new users understand video editing. You can also crop your videos for social media platforms. Unfortunately, this application is not free and requires payment to remove the watermark from your videos. You can also pay for a monthly subscription. The application is free but unlike others that have ads plastered on them this application does not have any ads to disrupt your work. There are also no spam emails you will get from the website if you use the application.

6. Wave. video by Animatron

 This is an online video editor for social media video makers. You can easily resize your videos for social media platforms. The application can resize your video depending on which platform you want to upload it on with just one click. There is a free plan with which you can create 10 videos that will be 2 minutes long. The quality is standard HD. Unfortunately, there will be a watermark on the free plan’s product. You can also add 10 videos, 20 images, and 10 audio clips to your video. The file size for each can be up to 500 MB. The application can also provide you with multiple stock images and audio files.

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7. Biteable

 This is another online video editor that is the best friend for social media video creators. You can create videos, slideshows, etc. The free plan will place a watermark on your finished product. Once you pay for the application you will be given access to the entire feature list it provides. There are over 85,000 stock videos and images you can use in your finished product. This application can be used to make Facebook posts, software promos, advertisements, training videos, event promos, etc.

 There are many online video editors to choose from. Some are free while others do cost a subscription plan or premium account. These can be used by both beginners as well as advanced video editors. The best way to choose one for your video editing tool that will work for you is by experimenting with the names given on the list.