Videos are winning the marketing game. Almost every business is producing different types of videos like explainer videos, motion graphic videos, whiteboard animation videos, etc., to drive more visitors’ attention and boost sales. Creating a winning video marketing strategy is crucial. That’s why some marketers join hands with the best video production companies to get things done more professionally. 

video editing apps
video editing apps

If you are on this blog, then chances are you know how important it is to incorporate video in your marketing. When we create videos, there are few things like a camera, editing software that can help you to hit the goals. 

When it comes to video editing apps, the number is limitless as these are available both for Android and iOS. Selecting the powerful and most affordable video editing app is not a cakewalk. But to help you out, I have listed some high-quality video editing apps with which you create your own videos without putting much effort and time. 

Now, let’s take a look at the seven best apps for creating awesome videos in less time. 

7 Best Video Editing Apps for 2021

Let’s begin… 


It is one of the most creative applications created by Instagram itself. It allows you to condense videos into brief. Through this application, you can upload hyper-speed videos directly on Facebook or Instagram. This app allows you to choose speed as per your own requirement. It is one of the most effective tools to capture a 7-second video in Hyperlapse. 

To access this application, you don’t need to sign in to get started. Moreover, it offers a minimal layout that’s identical to the iPhone camera. But it offers only one capability that is speeding up videos. Also, it does not offer multi-track editing and 4K exporting features. 

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Adobe premiere rush

It is another best video editing app that is cross-platform. It is a multi-track editor that allows you to export videos directly to youtube. 

This app is aimed at the Youtube generation and is much easier to use than Adobe tools like After effects, Premiere Pro, etc. 

It allows you to automatically convert videos into high quality and as per the platform requirement. Now you might be thinking that this tool is primarily for Youtubers, but actually, it’s not the case. Even professionals can make its best use as it allows you to tweak on your personalized devices. 


Video automation is another video automation tool that allows you to make amazing videos without leaving your phone in just three simple steps. With this application, you can organize your footage in a video in an informative way that caters to the audience’s mind. 

The best part about this app is that you can get started with this for free. It offers easy-to-use templates that can be created without any hassle. Moreover, its beginner-friendly interface allows both professionals and freshers to avail its benefits without any hassle. 


Quik is another video editing app specially designed for GoPro users. It is a multi-track editor tool that does not support 4K videos. Its horizontal leveling, sync songs to footage, easy interface, etc., are some of the features that inspire the users to add them to their bucket list. 

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This app mainly focuses on two main things that are editing your GoPro footage and controlling GoPro devices remotely. Also, it introduced a streamlined workflow that further makes the video editing task much easier. Moreover, it also offers extra themes and filters that can be accessed with in-app purchases. Thus, if you are in search of an application that can be used for GoPro footage, then Quik is for you. 

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is another app that starts at free and can be accessed on different platforms like macOS, iOs, Android, and Windows. It is one of the most suitable tools, especially if you want to get started with basic video editing functionalities. With this tool, you can create audience-ready videos for different platforms.

With this tool, you can drag and drop video clips and can create videos in a few minutes. Along with these features, you can incorporate preset intros, transitions into your video creation, themes, etc. So, if you are in search of easy-to-use effects, filters, stickers, etc. that you can choose the Wondershare Filmora tool as the option. 


If you are in search of the best video editing app for iPad or iPhone users, then LumaFusion can also be your next choice. This multi-track editor offers 4K support along with advanced features like video/audio tracks for photos, graphics, titles, videos, etc. It is pretty simple to use and allows precise adjustments to your projects. 

Moreover, this advanced tool also offers color correction, lossless export, a fully-featured audio mixer, etc., that can help you export to video and audio separately that further makes it for professional creators. 

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Last but not least, a video editing tool that can be used for both Android and iOS is InShot. Many times we are in a hurry and want to edit a video without using fancy collages and splicing. In that case, you can use InShot to get your tasks done on time.

This tool allows you to trim, add music, filter, and speed up the video creation task without any hassle. Moreover, it allows you to add background images that can further be enhanced with InShot’s “warm filter. Thus, if you are a beginner or a marketer aiming for a tool that offers a built-in music library with royalty-free options, then you can go with InShot.

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 The Final Say 

Creating and sharing videos is the need of an hour. If you share the right video style on the right platform, then you can easily delight your audience, boost conversions and generate revenue. As everyone is sharing video content on their feed, therefore it is important to put some extra effort into editing your video so that it works awesome. 

 That’s where video editing comes into the picture. With the help of the right application, you can improve your video quality and jumpstart your video marketing strategy. Selecting the best app is not easy, but if you keep a few points in mind, then you can leverage the tool to the fullest and achieve your desires. 

Hopefully, the above list will help you in making the right decision and achieve the business goals. 

Happy video editing!!!