9 Lessons Startups Of Today

A common assumption is that all you need is passion and hard work to become a successful entrepreneur. But, in reality, running a business takes a lot more than that. Though failure is a great teacher, you do not necessarily need to fail to get valuable business lessons. As a startup, you look up to the modern-day tech giants and learn how they worked their way up:   

  • Be Disruptive

Over the years, tech companies have proved that being disruptive is a surefire key to success. Whether you are into a tech-oriented business or any other industry, this strategy works everywhere. Take a look at the financial industry over the past decade. Hundreds of new companies have popped up with the payment apps, which have disrupted the status quo.

  • Be Open To Change Your Business Model

Successful tech companies do not become rigid. They adapt to consumer trends and skyrocket their revues like anything. If your business model is not working, don’t be afraid to tweak it or even replace it altogether. Of course, changing the business model might not show results overnight. But the tech companies have proved that if you show patience and resilience, things will eventually work out.   

  • Promote A Culture That Encourages Learning

Many entrepreneurs complete online mba information technology before starting an organization. However, to be successful, you have to learn constantly. A culture of curiosity, learning, and awe is essential for a successful organization. It would help if you constantly push yourself and your employees’ limits of knowledge. Also, getting your online MBA in Ghana allows you to maintain your present work and pay. You may gain more work experience and apply what you learn to your career as you learn it, in addition to the financial advantages.

  • Flexibility And Adaptability
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Change is inevitable in every industry, whether you like it or not. As a business owner, you have to be adaptable. Failure to display flexibly will cause your downfall rather sooner than later. Like smart tech entrepreneurs, you should avoid being too sentimental about your products and services. The reason being, once you become too attached to what you sell, you get stuck and never try to experiment.     

  • Accepting Failure

Failures are the biggest reasons why companies come to a halt. But the leading tech companies we see around realized that failures are part and parcel of the game. So instead of taking them personally, you should keep marching forward. Your company may not have the same resources as large corporations to sail through the disaster, but quitting is never an option. 

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Many modern-day tech entrepreneurs were once emotionally and financially bankrupt. Yet, it did not stop them from giving their 100 percent.     

  • Focus

The sheer volume of projects and ideas being pursued at one time can prove to be distracting. As a result, the lack of focus may lead to a loss of productivity and impede your ability to deliver step-change growth. 

Giant tech companies make it a point to narrow their attention to only one project at a time. It does not only reduce the risk of failure but also takes their performance to the next level. Businesses typically perceive safety in numbers; the more projects we do, the greater the chance that one of the projects will make it big. But this is no more than a myth. 

  • Purpose 

It is important to understand why we get up in the morning and go to work. We want to feel like we’re putting in 40+ hours a week to causes we care about. Tech giants do not limit their thinking to financial goals. Instead, they want to make the world a better place with their products and services. Financial success is only a byproduct of this ultimate purpose. Every business that wants to be successful must think beyond the economic objectives. 

  • Don’t Try To Do It All By Yourself 
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When businesses see a market opportunity, they often invest resources in creating a product and service to exploit that opportunity. Their approach is to work independently to find the right solution. But that is not how tech giants operate. They are more open to collaborations and joint ventures. It helps them to accomplish the desired goal relatively fast. Not to mention the move also minimizes the financial risk. 

So next time you discover a business opportunity, connect with the other stakeholders to cushion yourself.

  • Prioritize Human Touch

There is no denying that technology has become inevitable for every organization. But that does not mean you have to rely on software and sophisticated tools solely. Stats suggest that a vast majority of customers prefer communicating with humans rather than bots. Again, this is something you can learn from giant tech companies. While they are using the latest software, they have been maintaining a human touch in their organizations. 


Tech companies are great places to start if you need business advice. They have a lot to teach you, owing to their years of experience. The good thing is that the lessons listed above could be embraced by all startups, regardless of their industry.