Present day browsers have an awesome component known as “incognito” or private mode which enables you to peruse the web without saving your site, cookie, and search history.

Google Chrome prohibits each and every extension when you open it in incognito tab. This is on account of while Chrome does not monitor your surfing in secret mode, it can’t vouch for what these augmentations do with your information while you’re surfing the Internet.

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However, browsing the web without some extensions like Adblock Plus or Ublock Origin can be painful, and there are several other valid reasons why you might want to allow certain third party extensions to run even when you’re in incognito mode.

How To Enable Google Chrome Extensions In Incognito Mode

In this article we will show you how you can get access to your favorite chrome extension in the incognito tab. Here are the simple and quick steps:

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1. Dispatch Google Chrome and tap the “three dots” symbol at the far right-hand corner of the top bar.

2. Starting from the drop menu select “More Tools” and after that “Augmentations or Extensions.” This will take you to the menu where you can see all your extensions.

drop-down menu

You can also enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar to reach the same page.

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chrome extensions

3. A rundown of all expansions will show up on the page. Check the “Permit in incognito” box under your favored extensions.

4. Dispatch another in secret session (“Ctrl + Shift + N”), and confirm that the expansion works.

list of all extensions

I believe this article has helped you make sense of how to run extensions in Chrome’s in secret mode. Tell us about the Chrome extensions you can’t manage while surfing the Web in the remarks beneath.