Debates about whether iPhones are better than Android phones can get heated very quickly. However, there is simply no comparison between the two. Androids are available on a range of very different devices, whereas iPhones are the only devices with exclusive rights to running iOS. One of the common arguments made for iPhones is the claim that they cannot be hacked. Is that true? How is that even possible? Below in this article, we will cover the Can An iPhone Be Hacked?

Can An iPhone Be Hacked
Can An iPhone Be Hacked

Apple’s Brand Image

Part of Apple’s marketing campaign has always been its development of an exclusive brand image. The company loves to lay claims that their products and services are superior to justify their high prices.

The truth, however, is that any device or software can be hacked. People regularly jailbreak iPhones, artists find ways to upscale their apple music marketing to gain more popularity, and yes – a very articulate hacker might find a way to hack an iPhone. 

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Why This Is Not A Major Concern

While it is true that, in theory, an iPhone can be hacked, the probability of that occurring is exponentially low. Apple regularly employs ethical hackers to test their operating systems and applications to ensure that they are not easily penetrated. They also test everything rigorously. Also, if for reasons unknown you need to hack an iPhone, How to hack an iPhone despite the fact that I remain against it.

You may have already noticed that iPhones do not allow applications to be downloaded via third-party software. In short, this means that everything needs to go through the App Store. There, everything gets tested to ensure there aren’t any hidden lines of code added with malicious intent. Many people are used to the flexibility of an open-source operating system such as Android. When these people switch to iOS, they often feel there is a lack of flexibility, but that freedom is given up in exchange for security.

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How Do iPhones Get Hacked? (If ever) 

There are several ways a hacker can gain access to an iPhone. The easiest way? Knowing the owner personally. You’d be surprised how many people leave their phones unattended and without any lock screen protection. These are some other ways hackers gain access:

  • Jailbreaking refers to changing apple’s iOS to allow for third-party application downloads. Many people do this to have flexibility in their downloads, but it is a significant security risk as the applications are unregulated, and a hacker can easily use them to gain access to an iPhone.
  • Websites, Emails, Other Downloads – The fact is, the most vulnerable link in the iOS system is the end-user. People who arbitrarily click on any link they are sent or download any attachments in emails are very likely to be hacked. At the very least, they are likely to download malware or spyware.
  • Public Networks are shared wireless networks such as in coffee shops or workplaces. These networks carry some risk of getting hacked.
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A Final Word Of Advice

If you ever suspect your iPhone is hacked, the first thing you should do is disconnect it from any network. It is always advisable to learn safe browsing. Companies spend billions of dollars on their security mechanisms, but they can all ultimately fail if the end-user allows a hacker access unknowingly.