Certified Ethical Hackers have an important role to play in the security of an organization. CEH professionals may qualify for a range of lucrative position which pays a decent salary. As computers provide convenience for storage of data and facilitation of work, it becomes important to hire people who are expert in securing this data. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the job people could opt after completing a CEH course.

1. IT Security Specialists

IT security specialists are indispensable for the security of an organization. They possess an in-depth understanding of threats, technologies, and solutions required to ensure the security of the system. Companies are willing to pay decent compensation to IT security specialists as their role has increased manifold in the recent years. School, hospitals, universities, banks and all another type of institutions hire them as they all require their data to be kept safe. IT security specialists are paid an average salary of $107,000 as per Indeed.com.

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2. Security Administrator

They conduct the task of securing and protecting the virtual data resources of a company. Security administrators are known as the point man/ woman for cybersecurity systems. They perform the main task of installing, overlooking and troubleshooting the security system of organizations.

They monitor traffic for unusual activities, provide an organization with technical security advice, develop business policies in relation to security, perform regular security scans and so on. Salaries for security administrator range from $65,806 to $92,426 according to Salary.com.

3. Homeland Security Specialists

This job requires one to protect the organization against natural and human-made threats to national security. A person trained in bioterrorism, emergency management, technology management, certified ethical hacking, etc could take up the work of Homeland security specialists.

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The work done by HSS includes plan and preparation for disaster response and recovery, protecting telecommunication and IT network security, among other things. The average salary of HSS is $91,826 according to Indeed.com.

4. Penetration Tester

The job of a penetration tester is one of the most important in the field of IT security. They probe for security vulnerabilities of the organization and work towards protecting the same. The person uses various tools for performing the job; however, tools alone couldn’t be given all the credits. After conducting the tests, feedback and verification are provided so that the security solutions are implemented. The average salary for Penetration tester is around $71,660 as per Infosec Institute.

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5. Computer Forensic Analyst

These are those people who combine science background with their forensic skills to recover information from computer and storage devices. Several types of institutes hire them for their services such as Banks, law firms, accounting firms, software development companies and so on. It has been seen that most of the CFA’s start their own business and work for several clients together. The average salary of a CFA is around $91,120 according to Criminal Justice Degree School.
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