Several universities and institutions provide a course on Ethical Hacking. These courses could pave way for a successful career in the field of Ethical Hacking. Most of these courses are online. In this article, we are going to state 4 Certified Ethical Hacker Online Courses such courses you could enroll in-

Certified Ethical Hacker Online Courses
Certified Ethical Hacker Online Courses

1. Purdue University AAS- IT Network Administrator course

This course by Purdue University provides an online degree which is associate in level. The coursework aims at building an in-depth review of TCP/IP. It is the basis for all forms of network, as well as security risks, assessments, and responses. You could gain enough skills and credentials for getting an entry-level job in Network Management and Security. The course also includes certificate preparation for-
• Windows server support
• Introduction to Web Development
• Network design for Cisco and so on.

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2. ECPI University Bachelor’s – Cyber and Network Security

This course is designed to provide a career in Network security. The degree offered by this course is that of Bachelors. The course teaches and aims to inculcate important skills about administrating, managing, troubleshooting, hardware, software, and services. Along with that, the program also focuses on teaching about how can one use cybersecurity measures to protect data and to manage the conduct of personnel. The course also includes certificate preparation for-
• Designing, securing & supporting enterprise networks.
• Ethical hacking and penetration testing.
• Firewall management & intrusion detection.
• IT risk management and disaster reduction, among others.

3. Capella University- MS Network Defence

Capella University has worked a lot in order to make this course comprehensive. The degree offered by this course is that of Masters. It provides foundational knowledge to the students through which they could appear for and crack prestigious exams such as CEH and CNDA.

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The course prepares its students to respond to real-time security breaches, perform vulnerability assessments, and so on. You could get a job among various positions such as information security analyst, chief security officer, exploitation analyst, cyber security engineer, internet security analyst, among others. The course also includes certificate preparation for-
• Assessing at the same time, developing cybersecurity solutions.
• Advanced training in Ethical hacking and many other fields.

4. Colorado Technical University- MS – IT: Security Management

This course offered by Colorado Technical University provides a degree which is of Master level. The main aim behind coming up with this course was to make the students proficient in protecting the assets and information of an organization.

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After completing the coursework me, I would be easily able to plan, design, monitor, and manage computer security systems for their companies. The course is mainly designed for students. You can share the sections you want to be finished, and we will perform them with optimum accuracy who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of security management.

The course also includes certificate preparation for-
• Forensic and Investigation.
• Extensive training in Windows, Linux, and Unix security systems.
• Enterprise risk management, among others.
So this is all from our side. We hope you found this article helpful

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