Ever gotten yourself stuck in a circumstance where you have to change over a sound record into a content archive? This for the most part occurs with people who are studying, media people, and our companions when they need an address, a meeting or some imperative declarations to be recorded into a content configuration.

Since writing each word physically in a document can take a considerable amount of time and can also be very tiring and an undesired task which you may be least interested in doing.

All things considered, we have an ultimate have response to this issue! Today we will enable you to change over a sound document into a written content with an easy to utilize online software, Speech to text. This software enables you to change over an assortment of sound clips into a written document or content without downloading or introducing any computer program on your PC. Here is a description on how ro do it.

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5 Easy Steps to Convert Audio into Text File

Visit the Website

All you need to do is to go to a web page and manually type speech to text or for much ease click here:

Select Speech Model

There will be be a drop-down menu and you should click on the speech option like shown in the picture.

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Record or Upload the Audio File

Easily record the sound in high-quality or just transfer a sound document from your PC that you need to change over into content. Ensure the sound record is in WAV, FLAC or OPUS arrangement.

Unluckily, if the sound document you need to change over into content isn’t in the arrangements specified above, visit this website to make transformation to proceed with the procedure.

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Wait for Conversion

Once you are done with the above specified tasks, the software will begin processing. It will commence transferring your audio clips into a written document in no time at all.

Copy and Save

Now you are completely done. Just simply copy the words or data from the text box and easily paste or transfer it to a word or pdf file.