Files are everywhere for they serve as people’s source of information, entertainment, documentation, etc. May it is in schools, offices, businesses, and even at home file sharing has been a daily activity because everything now is digital. And because of the constant advancement of technology, work, and day-to-day tasks, can be done more and more conveniently as time passes. 

Convert Excel Files to PDF
Convert Excel Files to PDF

When it comes to filing sharing, people have been now shifting to the most efficient and handy type of format, which is the PDF. Even with Excel sheets, if it is solely for reading and sharing purposes, people send and receive them in PDF form. Excel files can be such a hassle to view sometimes, especially with all the data and numbers in the sheets. Now you can share your Excel sheets with ease and assurance. Your readers can scroll through it effortlessly, without having to worry about any data getting modified as well. 

Why is it better to convert your Excel to PDF?

Excel files are made for people to enter data, numbers, formulas, as well as create graphs, charts, and many more. With data organizing, visualizing, and analyzing, Excel files will work best with anyone to get the job done. But with all the data and everything encoded in the spreadsheets, it can be a little bit burdensome to open another Excel file to review and scan its content. Usually, we have to be extra cautious because one wrong click can affect any data in there.

If you convert XLS to PDF, you do not have to worry about any of that happening. A Portable Document Format, also known as PDF, is a read-only document. It is loved and used by many for its portability, ease of access, and convenience. A read-only file means that the viewers can only read the file. These files are uneditable, which is very reliable because, in whatever device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) or browser you use, the same file will be displayed. Plus, these files can be very secure because you can protect them with a password, especially if it contains sensitive or private data, allowing only authorized people to view it.

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The best option for sending and viewing Excel spreadsheets is with the PDF file format. It is super easy and simple to upload, download, open, and print them any time and anywhere. Level up your Excel sharing experience, and make your tasks a hundred times more convenient by converting them from XLS to PDF starting today!

Where can you convert Excel to PDF?

If we are going to talk about time-saving, the easiest, and most convenient, the number one place to convert your Excel files to PDF is online. There are a lot of web-based PDF tools that you can find on the internet. Because PDF has become very common, today, there is a wide selection of sites that offer PDF-related services. Among all of them, the top pick would be PDFBear!

PDFBear has all the tools you need for PDF conversion, repair, optimization, file organization, file viewing and editing, e-signing, and security. They accommodate a lot of file types, including Excel files. Also, it is free and simple to use. They work very fast too! After a few clicks, your file will be ready and good to go. All you need to do is be connected to the internet and upload your file. The site will do all the conversion until it’s finally ready for download! Go and check it out!

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Steps to Convert Excel Files to PDF With PDFBear

1. Upload your Excel file

We’ll start the conversion by first uploading your Excel file to the server. To upload, click the Select Files button. The file library of your device will pop out. Look for the file you wish to convert, select it, then click Open. If your file is located in online storage sites such as Dropbox or Google Drive, another option is to directly upload them by clicking the Dropbox or Google Drive button. You will be asked to sign in with your account. After that, select the file then upload it. With this, you do not have to download your file first to upload it. Convenient!

Speaking of convenience, you can also simply drag and drop the Excel file into the toolbox!

2. Wait while the file is being converted

Once you upload the file, the server will automatically process and then start converting your file. The waiting time would usually take only about a minute or less depending on the file size and your internet connection. This is the step left before you can finally save the newly converted file as the site will do all the work. A few seconds won’t hurt!

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3. Download or share Excel-now-PDF file

Finally, your Excel file is converted to PDF and is now ready to download! You will be welcomed with another page with various options on how you want to save and share the PDF file.

To save the file directly to your device, click the Download button. It will be immediately downloaded and saved. You can also save to your online storage like Dropbox and Google Drive by simply clicking the Dropbox or Google Drive button.

Another great thing about PDFBear is that they generate a shareable link for you to send your file to many with no sweat at all. You will only have to copy and send the link, and the receivers will just have to click it to download the PDF file. Amazing right! You can also send the file via email with a personal message by entering the needed info. Everything about this site is so simple, easy, and convenient from start to finish!


Who said converting Excel files to PDF is a hassle and extra work? It’s not if you convert them online with PDFBear. With just three easy steps, your PDF file will be ready in no time and the only thing you have to do is upload the file, sit back, and relax. Dealing with Excel spreadsheets is never going to be a problem because now you can view it and share it in the most convenient way ever! Share this helpful tip with your friends and workmates!