Recently, many people shifted from going to their works physically to home-based jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. These jobs rely on the internet heavily. Some applied to tutor students, while some stayed in their previous jobs but are doing their work in their homes. No matter the situation, it is apparent that we are utilizing the digital world even more. Below in this article, we will cover the Dealing With Unnecessary Pages in Your PDF.

Dealing With Unnecessary Pages in Your PDF
Dealing With Unnecessary Pages in Your PDF

In some situations, you may find the need to send files online. It can be a hassle considering the fact that the larger a file is, the more bandwidth it takes to send it successfully. One such example is PDF. You may notice that there are unnecessary pages included. Having trouble dealing with them? We have a solution for that. Keep reading to find out!

Can you remove pages from a PDF?

PDF files may be large most of the time. What’s more frustrating is that there might be parts that are redundant. Some contain many blank pages. Most people think that they need to repeat their work just to remove these. No! There’s no need to do that. You can actually remove them without hassle. 

You might wonder if there’s a way to delete pages from PDF. Don’t worry! We’ve got the answer that will solve your problem. Amongst all the PDF tools online, PDFBear is the cream of the crop. It is a free tool that can compress your PDF files. It can also convert them to other types of documents. Of course, it’s useful in deleting pages from a PDF. Why do we say that it is one of the best out there?

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What are the benefits of using the PDFBear website?

There are many reasons to choose PDFBear in removing pages in your PDFs. Below are some advantages that you might find to be really convenient.

Easy to use

All you’ve got to do when using this website is upload your file! Select the pages that you want to remove and then voilà! You’ve got your new PDF. Thinking about it, it isn’t confusing to use and it can do the task efficiently.

Secure and private

If you are dealing with confidential files, then you can rest assured that the site respects your privacy. In fact, an hour after the site generated the download link for your file, they will delete it. You may also check their privacy policy to gain a better understanding.

Quick and efficient

You may be in a rush to remove or delete certain pages from your file. Removal of these pages can get done with the PDFBear website swiftly! Now, you can pass on time and not worry about submitting your work late.

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Compatible with every device

One of the best advantages of this website is that you can use it on any device. No matter if it’s Windows, IOS, or other types, you can access it!

4 steps to delete PDF pages

In PDFBear, you can accomplish your goal in four easy steps. With just a few clicks, you can still find the time to have a quick rest.

  1. Upload the file. You can select your file from your computer. An easier way to upload the PDF is to just drag and drop.
  2. Select the pages. Pick the pages that you want to remove and mark them. After selecting all of them, you can simply click the magic button. Click “apply changes,” and it’s done!
  3. Wait for the updated file. Simply wait for the PDF tool to delete the pages. After this, the site will produce an updated file without the pages that you find unnecessary.
  4. Save and share. You can click “download” to save your file. If you want, you can save it in your cloud or drive such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You can then access it on any device where you signed in to your online storage.

Why remove pages from PDFs?

Some people might be okay with all the unnecessary and blank pages in their files. They can just ignore them and continue for the essential parts. If they print it, then the blanks will just come out as is, and they won’t bother much with that. Removing the pages or not, there are a few benefits you can receive if you do so.

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Smaller files

If you use messaging apps that run online, then you may notice that sending files is harder than sending text messages. Uploading files to a drive also takes time. By removing or deleting the pages that you find unimportant, it renders a smaller PDF file. It is easier to send and share with others. 

Less nuisance

By removing the irrelevant parts, it makes the data more comprehensible. You can retain all the needed ones and delete the others. This way, it takes less time for someone to understand the necessary content. 


With the pandemic, our use of online tools is getting more and more frequent. Many people use PDF files for different purposes such as work, school, and others. Having some inconvenience along the way is unavoidable. 

The PDFBear website can help you fix some of your problems. Aside from removing pages from your PDFs, it also has tools that can apply to many situations. If you want to compress or convert it, then you’re in the right place! Whatever has something to do with PDF files, PDFBear can help you!