Download CWM recovery for all Xolo Smartphone

Download CWM recovery for all Xolo Smartphone

Download Xolo CWM recovery for all models

No. Model Number Recovery
1 Xolo A500 Download
2 Xolo A500L Download
3 Xolo A500s Download
4 Xolo A500s IPS Download
5 Xolo A600 Download
6 Xolo A700 Download
7 Xolo A1000 Download
8 Xolo B700 Download
9 Xolo Hive 8X-1000 Download
10 Xolo LT900 not available
11 Xolo Omega 5.0 Download
12 Xolo Omega 5.5 Download
13 Xolo One Download
14 Xolo Play 8X-1100 Download
15 Xolo Q500 not available
16 Xolo Q510s Download
17 Xolo Q600 not available
18 Xolo Q700 Download
19 Xolo Q700i Download
20 Xolo Q800 Download
21 Xolo Q800 X-Edition not available
22 Xolo Q900 Download
23 Xolo Q1000 Download
24 Xolo Q1000s not available
25 Xolo Q1000 Opus Download
26 Xolo Q1010i Download
27 Xolo Q1011 Download
28 Xolo Q1100 Download
29 Xolo Q2000 not available
30 Xolo Q3000 not available
31 Xolo Play T1000 Download
32 Xolo Play Tegra Note not available
33 Xolo Tab not available
34 Xolo Tab 7.0 not available
35 Xolo X900 not available
36 Xolo X910 not available
37 Xolo X1000 not available
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