lawn mower

Everyone knows that having a beautiful green lawn on the site not only warms the soul, but also requires a certain care. In addition to fertilizers, the lawn needs regular mowing, and the only helper that can cope with this task is a lawn mower.

What to look for when choosing a lawn mower?


Choosing the most powerful and productive model is not necessarily. The high power is only relevant for large areas and difficult terrain, and if you have a small area, a powerful mower you have nothing to do on it, but will disturb the neighbors unnecessary noise. To care for a small lawn, buy expensive powerful technique makes no sense, you can get by with a mechanical or small electric mower. But if the territory is large – gasoline mower – the best choice, but also the most expensive. The type of grass on the property is also important. Low-powered electric mowers can cope only with soft low grass, for mowing tough, high, and dense grass it is better to use gasoline devices.

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Wheel diameter

The larger the diameter of the wheels, the easier it is to move around. The wider the wheels, the less the grass is mowed.

Of course, the choice of lawn mower can be made by yourself, but since the purchase requires a certain financial investment, it is always better before making a decision to consult with experts. There are many nuances that only experts can tell you about.

Dimensions and weight

Electric models are small and lightweight, easy to maneuver, and easy to operate. Electric mowers can be used even by the elderly, which cannot be said about petrol gardening equipment.

In other words, when choosing, always consider who will be using this device.

Blade type

Modern lawn mowers can come with several types of blades:

  • Lawn mower knife is a single-sided wide blade of high-strength steel, which not only mows the grass, but also creates an airflow to throw it aside. For each model, the cutting tool is selected for a strictly defined length, which is specified in the technical specifications to the technique;
  • The mulching knife not only cuts, but also shreds the grass. Kits for mulching fit strictly to certain mower models;
  • Universal knives have become commonplace, as it can be extremely difficult to find a knife for a particular model. The constructive feature of such a tool is the variability of attachment to the mower, which makes it possible to use them safely on many models at once;
  • Cord is used in gasoline and electric models of trimmers for cutting soft ground. The desired trimmer line (cord) differs in thickness and shape, which is stated in the documentation for the device.
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Casing material

Before deciding on a particular mower model, you should pay attention to the material of the housing, to which all the main elements of the device are attached:

  • Plastic – a lightweight and economical material that can withstand minor mechanical loads and light impacts. It is not used on powerful devices designed to work in harsh conditions;
  • Aluminum – lightweight, strong enough, corrosion-resistant material that can be used on both domestic and professional equipment;
  • Steel – quite a common housing material that is used on heavy equipment designed to work in harsh conditions. When choosing equipment with steel hulls, always pay attention to the quality of anti-corrosion coating.

Lawn Mower Types

Mechanical lawnmowers

The simplest and most affordable option. It works on the principle of scissors, capturing and cutting the grass as it moves. This mower has no engine, you just push it forward. Suitable for small garden plots with soft, young, low-level grass. Absolutely environmentally friendly, low-noise and can be used in all weathers. It cannot cope with high and dense grass and it takes much more time to mow than with lawn mowers with engines. 

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Gasoline mowers

The main advantages – reliability, power, and mobility. With a gasoline engine on a lawn mower, you won’t have to worry about having a power outlet and a length of wire. And if you’ll watch and properly maintain a gasoline engine, you will serve such a mower for a long time. Gasoline mowers are the most robust and powerful, but they are usually heavy due to the fact that their engine has a large number of parts. They are also considered to be environmentally unfriendly. If your lawn is an impressive size, you’ll have to wear a respirator and headphones to protect yourself from exhaust fumes and noise. Also, gasoline-powered mowers are more expensive than electric mowers.

Electric mowers  

Electric lawn mowers have a simpler design than petrol lawn mowers, so they are more compact and lighter. Lawn mowers that run on electricity use little electricity, but care must be taken to ensure that there is a power source available. The device is completely dependent on the wires and socket, which is not very convenient, you need to constantly monitor the wire and take it out of the way in time, otherwise you can accidentally cut the knife together with the grass. Also, such a mower can not be used during or after rain. 

Cordless and robotic lawnmowers

Lawn mowers equipped with a battery electric motor have similar characteristics to those listed above, but are mobile and not tied to a power source. Robotic mowers work independently without your participation, but they are very expensive, they weigh a lot, have a limited operating time from the battery (15 to 30 minutes) and the need for long recharging.

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Conclusion: lawnmowers running on an internal combustion engine (internal combustion engines) are considered the most unpretentious and reliable. They have a much longer life of continuous operation, so professionals use them. But if we are talking about a small area with lawn grass, all these qualities you may not need.

Safety and maintenance

The principle of operation of the mower is related to the rotation of the knives at high revolutions.

When choosing the most suitable model, first of all, pay attention to the quality of execution of the blades. They must be well-sharpened, have no mechanical damage, cracks, or chips.

In addition, the lawnmower must have protection. If it is a wheeled model, the protection is the deck itself (bell-shaped mower body). If portable models (trimmers) are used, protection must always be installed on the devices. Stones, branches and small children’s toys can get under the blades, which can cause injury to the operator, and the blades themselves can change the geometry and cause the device to break down.

In electric models, you should pay attention to the quality and length of the cable. You should not work in the rain and dew. Moisture in the electrical part can cause the mower to malfunction and injure the operator.

Gasoline models make a lot of noise and release combustion products into the air. The operator should not disregard personal protective equipment (respirator, headphones).

With gasoline models, maintenance is limited to inspecting the device, checking the quality of the blade mounts, and checking the oil and fuel levels before starting work. The electric models require almost no maintenance, except for the inspection procedure and cleaning of contaminants.