Embrace Your Inner Rock Star with the Best Guitar Apps
Best Guitar Apps

I’ve always been a major fan of music, but rock music and wicked guitar solos have always been my favorite. About a year ago I started playing mobile guitar games (like Guitar Legend) on my phone; it was a fun way to while away some down time and I found that they really helped me de-stress after a long day. Then, for some reason, I stopped playing. Here Best Guitar Apps for you.

Well, just recently I started getting into them again, and I’ve been enjoying them so much that I decided to put together a list of my favorites here for you.

Jam Out Alongside Your Friends with Rock Life

Unlike the other two apps on this list, Rock Life is actually pretty new to me. I wanted a game that would be fun and fresh; one that I hadn’t tried before. I was struggling a bit to sort through all of the mediocre guitar games out there (cause there are quite a few), when I came across this list of the best 10 guitar games and Rock Life was on it.

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Top 10 Music Games

The game is really impressive because you have the ability to collect hundreds of exclusive in-game guitars and customize them however you want. You actually put together your own band by hiring musicians and collecting instruments, so everything is really hands-on. And, if you don’t feel like playing alone, you can invite your Facebook friends to play with you too. Or, if you want to expand your circle of friends, you can compete with other users from around the world.

Just keep in mind that if you do want to compete in real-time against friends and other players, you will need a consistent internet connection. Without the internet, you can still play the game, but it won’t be live against other people.

Actually, Learn to Play the Guitar with Learn Play Guitar Simulator

Carrying around a guitar everywhere you go can be difficult, inefficient – maybe even impossible. Learn Play Guitar Simulator is so amazing because you can actually learn all forms of guitar, including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar right from your phone. Learn just the melodies or get more advanced by learning chords, it’s entirely up to you. Plus, you can write your own songs and then share them with friends and family. Click here for more family-style, kids-style, and family blogs.

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Learn Play Guitar Simulator is designed for beginners, so the speed at which you play songs is slower than normal. While this is perfect for newbies just learning how to play, you may find this frustrating if you are more experienced with the Best Guitar Apps.

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Become the World’s Most Popular Band with Guitar Band Battle

The last of my favorites, Guitar Band Battle is the perfect choice if you want to experience the thrill of working your way up from a small-town nobody to a worldwide rockstar. You start with basic instruments, hire musicians, and then earn money the more gigs you play. Plus, you can unlock upgrades as you advance from playing stages to selling out arenas. You can also compete against other players to prove you’re the best rocker out there.

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It may be important to note that you won’t find major hits in Guitar Band Battle’s library of songs because a lot of them are copyrighted. There are plenty of awesome melodies to play, but if you were hoping for Top 40 songs, you won’t find them here.


I am so glad that guitar games are back in my life and I can’t believe I spent so much time not playing them. As a music lover, this is the perfect way for me to incorporate my favorite songs in my day-to-day life, which totally relieves my stress and lets me enjoy the moments I have to myself more. I seriously can’t recommend them enough!