FIX pair and pair Stream Authorization 2018

FIX pair and pair Stream Authorization

Kodi is one of the best platform to watch movies and TV shows. There are various Kodi Addons available in the market which help us to watch movies and TV Shows in an easy way and free of cost.

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What are Pair and pair stream authorization? and are working as a host. You can watch movies and everything on Kodi after pairing your devices through these websites.

What are the reason of and error on Kodi?

There are several reasons of pairing device on these websites before watching videos on Kodi. First reason of visiting these websites can be about montization.

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Is and safe and secure to use? and is safe to use but as we all use kodi for streaming videos, and watch copyright things.

What is the alternative of and  on Kodi?

If you don’t want to pair your device on and websites then you must use VPN on Kodi.

How to Fix and authorization error on Kodi?

When you open and want to watch any movie on Kodi Exodus many time you see the error with this URL:

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Without authorization to this site you can’t watch movie.

Open the link by clicking here

Now you see the page below i mentioned.

Now click on Activate Streaming button, you can see on above pic.

It shows your IP address and give you authorization.