Game description: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – the fourth of the Grand Theft Auto series. Action is taking place in 1986 in a fictitious Vice City. It is a pure, prospering city with beautiful beaches, shaking on the wind palm trees and the bright sun. The game is tremendous, the plot is very interesting where it is necessary to turn into a thunder-storm of all city, all gangs from a simple derelict visitor. The main character Tommie was tricked and now a serious man needs to return his money. During the game Tommie has a great number of enemies and allies, his influence with each action increases. The player carrying out missions moves up on a ladder of underworld and eventually Tommie turns from a simple pawn into the main figure of underworld of Vice City.
For optimum work we recommend to reboot your device after unloading and closing other apps.
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