If you are a Social Media freak, you know the potential and Monopoly of Instagram. The Instagram algorithm sets the mark that shows what your eyeballs want to look at.

The metrics like the number of followers, comments on Instagram attract the audience more.

So, are these metrics really worth it?

Long story short, Instagram prefers the “Engagement” metric than any other. So real and active likes, followers count matter.

Instagram Likes vs Instagram Followers?

Are you getting in comparison to what to focus more on? It depends on the business/niche. Let see by the example. If you are a business-like Course Seller you mostly need more Likes it indicates the result that you thought in the course. Numbers play an important role in buying psychology.

While followers get counted plus when people don’t want to miss any updates of you. Niche like education, News has the highest Instagram followers. It drives traffic to your profile. But, both matters to influence your audience. Here is the actual study that shows the effect of ghost followers and likes.

Tactics to grow your engagement

  • Create Brand awareness by purposeful content

The content gives credibility to your business. So post something that influences your audience about your business and makes conversions. Post different types of content. Something Infographics, How-to, Reviews, Quiz, Video, Behind Scenes, etc. that makes a customer base. Instagram followers app will keep coming for you.

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The content you use should be user-generated and don’t be afraid to use images and videos in a mix. Test different content types that work for you. Use branded content that increases the engagement rate. Daily posting shows the authority of your business in a niche. So be consistent. If you don’t have daily time to post, use 

Use all features of Instagram Reels, IGTV. and Post at the right time.

Pro Tip: use Lighter, Low Saturation, and same theme content.

  • Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags on Instagram works like categories. It helps influencers to target a specific market. The easy way to know which hashtags have to place here is a tip.

  • Use Max 25 Hashtags in total followed by Core Tags and Post tags.
  • Pick 5 topic (Specific to your niche)
  • Pick 3 more per 5 topics. (Core tags)
  • And 10 posts are topic-specific. (post Tags)

A detailed guide on Instagram by thestevenmellor. Use hashtags in

  • Instagram Bios
  • Caption
  • Comments
  • Stories
  • Instagram Reels.

👉 See how cleverQuazi uses #hashtags to get specific people-related Software development

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Pro Tip: see what your competitors are using and work for them. Don’t forget to add your brand hashtag i.e. your business name.

  • Write Captions, So your users get converted.

In general, captions are what images are actually about in brief. Write captions like you are a copywriter. Don’t write very short descriptions. Use very long descriptions depending on the niche. but, the least will be 300 words. People who get attracted to your caption will be bound to get converted into Free Instagram Followers. 

Write that Highly to stand out and Legit. Try to use some Keywords in between to show relevance and get noticed. Use Call to Action (CTA) words that force the audience to comment, follow, and like your Instagram page.

Mention or tagging some high authority usernames in your captions shows credibility. Incorporate Emojis in captions as Emojis increase. 

  • Cross Promotions Makes you Insta-Famous

It’s simple account sharing between the brand and you. Brands reach out to you for promotions. You gain more popularity when you feature a brand. It is a simple way to grow and increase Roi.

  • Be Live and active to Engage

Activeness is the kind that the Instagram algorithm is looking for. You should have to reply to your audience’s doubts and help them frankly. Your comments may include Appreciation, Help, CTA. Your comments on other posts also make you Stand Out there. So be prepared for activeness. The engagement rate is actually worth counting.

  • Use already running social channels

There are 100+ social media mediums. Each one has a different dominance in different niches. Use this to connect your existing followers to new followers by recommending. Ask them to share.

  • Run Ads: Universal Method (paid)

Every business needs more exposure. Organic reach of Instagram lives till people react.

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Ads help you more conversions in less marketing efforts. Running ads boost your Engagement. So try it instead of buying it from random internet gigs.

Now, Are They Even Genuine?

Think like a user. More numbers make you think about authenticity and legitness towards the brand. So If you know numbers affect the psychological more. So, if you have more counts of Likes, comments, Followers. Simply it attracts attention.

While having more engagement helps you reach more people organically. It’s exponential growth. Benefit, you get featured on Instagram’s unique feature “Explore”. Finally, it’s just a game of numbers.