Often called as the “Holy Grail” of video marketing, VMB Pro 1.07 is every marketers dream. With the ever increasing competition, it has become increasingly hard to keep up with the competition especially when every other company and brand is going after digital marketing. It has become difficult to rank your videos on Google, something which had been so much easier when digital media was new born.

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VMB Pro 1.07 is free software that helps you rank and track the status of your videos on Youtube. This new version is enriched with added features which makes this software all the more attractive. Now you can get higher Youtube rankings and ratings, easily track your competitions doings and the kind of keywords and tags they use to get good views. This software helps you identify meaningful keywords that you can include in your descriptions and tags to get maximum views. VMB ensure that you get traffic from related videos too and you can also track your progress anytime through this. All this completely free; unbelievable right? Get your software below now!

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