In 2017 a study by the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics showed that alternative workers account for just over 10% of the worldwide workforce. Alternative workers are people who don’t have permanent jobs with one company.

They are instead reliant on the gig economy and earn an income through temporary jobs and contract work. One such segment of these workers are freelancers who mainly obtain their jobs online via web portals.

Freelancing can be a prodigious way to make money on the side. It helps you earn the experience needed to land a permanent job. Freelancers and money have an interesting relationship. As a freelancer, the pay you receive can arrive at very irregular intervals and in varying amounts. Moreover, rather than simply using a W-2 form furnished by an employer to file a tax return, freelancers tend to use tax calculators and other tools to handle their taxes since they’re subject to differing tax implications.

To be qualified as a freelancer, you can check your skills like a logo designer and do interior design work. Designing a logo is a time-consuming process, but specialists earn good money. Freelancing also involves content creation. It’s crucial to know where to find jobs as a freelancer, whether online or offline.  

Or maybe you know how to build websites? Many companies are currently looking for website developers and programmers. Earnings are at a fairly decent level. For example, you can create your website as a CV using free website hosting to avoid high costs. By sending your virtual CV you increase your chances on the market.

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In this discussion, we will look at where freelancers can find jobs online because these web portals enable them to build a portfolio that acts as a reference to prospective clients.

The Web Portals Where Freelancers Can Find Jobs Include:


Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is widely regarded as the world’s largest freelance talent arena. To be a freelancer on Upwork, you must create a profile detailing your skills and experience alongside your work portfolio.

On the other hand, clients post job listings outlining their projects and what they are searching for in their prospective operators. From this point, the freelancer should submit a proposal for the task they intend on taking up. Freelancers can apply for more than one project at a go.

Afterward, clients review the proposals from the freelancers as well as their portfolios and profiles. They then proceed to approve the operator who they feel best fits their needs. Payment for the project is put in escrow until the client is satisfied with the work done.


All the jobs in this web portal are priced at 5 dollars or slightly above five dollars. This makes Fiverr ideal for freelancers who are starting out and looking to make a name for themselves in the gig economy.

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The low prices on Fiverr should not discourage you; what you can do is, create your own niche, and soon this will be a very reliable source of income because the jobs will keep on coming. 

Unlike some other freelancer platforms, both the freelancers and clients can post listings on their handle. For instance, the client profile might read ‘write two 500-word articles,’ and the freelancer profile, on the other hand, can read ‘will write two 500-word articles.

People Per Hour

This freelance web portal has in excess of 1 million freelancers that have registered their services. The web portal rates the freelancers’ work, meaning if you have a good rating, chances are that you will get clients regularly.

People Per Hour market themselves primarily as being a matchmaker for designers and their clients. When a project begins, the client outlines the crucial details channeled through an AI platform that analyzes it and matches the client with the most fitting designer.

This web portal aims to streamline the process of pairing designers and clients in a precise manner. Within this site, always set a sound fee to improve the chances of getting projects.


Craigslist is not what can be ideally termed a freelance web portal because it offers other services. However, many businesses that need to hire operators for certain specialized tasks opt to hire locally.

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To get jobs on this web portal, head on to the ‘Jobs and Gigs section’ of the city you currently reside in. In the search box, enter keywords related to your skillset in order to be matched with prospective clients.

When job searching on Craigslist, ensure you thoroughly read the post and heed the subsequent guidelines before you apply. If there are none, send an email to the email address that has been attached to the post.


Freelancer incorporates various facets of freelancing work, including SEO, logo and graphic design, copywriting jobs, content creation, among others. This website is easy on the eye, and you can easily navigate it to find jobs.

Freelancer is massive, and corporations like Microsoft and Intel even post projects.  Also, note that this web portal chances a maintenance fee of 10 dollars on your account if it’s inactive for more than six months.

Final Thought

All in all, as a freelancer, there are many ways for you to land gigs. One of the ways to do so is using far-reaching web portals, as illustrated above. What you should do is craft a niche for yourself, and the jobs will start flowing.