Google has been continually updating the location of shops on maps based on user reviews. After working for many years, Google is ready to launch the live location feature among iPhone users. iOS users can now view more accurate details of the location in the form of arrows and a direction guide. Chad Kimball Google Maps help the user to get the most detailed information about an area, including location sharing.

What’s new on the recent location update:

  • Live landmark: iPhone users will see the live landmarks of monuments like the Eiffel tower or famous buildings directly from the phone.
  • Track live location: It is an old feature of Google but, the latest update gives a futuristic mode of tracking the location by displaying an advanced satellite view on the map of any place.
  • Reach to your friend: The recent update on iPhone benefits users in reaching their friend’s location without getting confused. It displayed arrows and guides with voice control to reach the destination. It also calculates the time taken to get into the reallocation.
  • Targeted guide: The location shared for live sharing is the same as riding with a known guy. The camera displays arrow marks for where to go. The user doesn’t have to confuse with paths shown on the live camera.
  • Smart AI: The software used in the app gives the more advanced experience of detecting the camera’s location.
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How to share location on iPhone:

The following steps can help to guide the user in accessing the new live location feature:

  • Users need to Sign in using a Gmail account on the google maps app.
  • On the menu section, an option of location sharing is available for entering the email address.
  • The user needs to enter the friend’s email id to get location details. They also can add destination location and get the most accurate methods to reach the place.
  • The friend has to grant permission to access the location on the maps to share live location details.
  • Users get the option of location-based sharing based on 1 hour or manual time limit. The location will get shared until you disable the option of sharing on the Google map application.
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whether it was to say you are at home safe you can get your iPhone to tell somebody precisely where you are. This is what you need to do the Usually the complaint is that too much location info on its data is being shared by various apps on your iPhone.

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Additional benefits for Google pixel users:

The feature has started working on the latest update on Google Pixel phones. News regarding the usage was published on the original community update of Google blog. The new feature has grabbed excellent responses from the users. It seems like finding a friend on a video game. Google gives highlights and allows track data to see the original destination. Google Pixel users are also getting a similar experience to enjoy the live location feature.

Bottom line:

The recent update of Google live location on the iPhone has given the futuristic feeling of location sharing. The app works the same as a tourist guide and supervises ideally to reach the desired location. The full-screen feature indicates the direction of arrows and doesn’t confuse users to reach the destination.