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Social media has overtaken so many aspects of everyone’s daily lives. People use it to communicate, connect with workmates, play with friends, and even go shopping. And as its presence significantly increases over the years, business owners might as well take this opportunity in gaining more engagement.

Furthermore, considering that Facebook is the largest social media network, it would be a waste not to leverage it for your business. This social media networking platform has a user base of more than two billion people.

Facebook also lets you set up a business page for free. You can use this feature to share everything about your brand. It can send and receive messages, so you can interact further with customers. You can also use this to share posts from other pages.

There are over 200 million small businesses that utilize Facebook for their growth. If you want to increase your business pages’ online visibility, then try these hacks:

1. Use Facebook Live

While pictures generate more interaction than texts, videos perform better. The people behind Facebook noticed that users like watching videos. Facebook accumulates more than four billion views every day from uploaded videos.

Facebook launched Facebook Live as part of their ongoing push to promote video content in the Feed. This feature allows anybody to broadcast live videos directly to their Facebook Feed from their mobile device.

Facebook said that people are more likely to watch live streams for more extended periods. This means you’ll have a lot more time establishing a relationship with the audience and persuading them to buy from you. Even the people behind Facebook vouch that live streamer generates more interactions from Facebook Live compared to regular videos.

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The number of people that watch your Facebook Live will also help you attract additional viewers. People will be intrigued to discover what your video is about if they notice that many people are watching it. As a result, they’ll most likely stay to watch as well.

Fortunately, there are ways for quickly gaining an audience, such as purchasing Facebook Live views. Simply search the Internet for the best place to buy Facebook live views that meets your requirements.

2. Create Visually Pleasing Photos

People are more inclined to interact with Facebook posts that include photos. According to a study, Facebook posts with photos received the most engagement among other posts, accounting for 87 % of total interactions.

You can utilize original photographs of your product to create appealing visual content. If people see that your brand is authentic, they’ll be confident to trust you. You can also use graphs, infographics, and inspiration statements in your posts.

To do this, you should develop a well-thought-out strategy for your content. You certainly don’t want to share pictures unrelated to your brand. You also don’t want your viewers to see low-resolution photos. Thus, optimize your images according to standards. Make your material as unique as possible to stand out among your competitors.

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Business Page
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For example, when you want to upload your brand’s profile picture, follow the 170px wide by 170px tall format. By doing this, you’ll create photos of high-quality and better audience impact, making the user experience more engaging and pleasing to the eyes.

Remember that you should always prioritize the quality of your content over its quantity. At the end of the day, the quality of your postings determines how visible they are in people’s feeds. These algorithms are designed to filter away irrelevant and low-quality postings, allowing only the highest-quality content to be seen by users.

3. Hold A Contest

Holding competitions and prizes is another way to grow your business page. The audience will have the opportunity to win prizes such as vouchers, gift cards, free products, and if they follow your mechanics. Prizes like these will encourage customers to interact with your brand and each other. After all, what’s more fun than getting free items in exchange for a bit of effort?

For example, you can ask the audience to create the wittiest tagline for your brand and write it in the comment section. The comment with the highest reaction gained will win a prize.

Your page will get a lot of likes, shares, and followers on your Facebook page at that little cost. As a result, your company will gain new potential clients.

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But remember, you must communicate about your brand in everything you do. Everything on your page should be related to your business, whether it’s fascinating information for users or a contest to engage visitors. This will go a long way toward establishing your brand name in people’s brains.

4. Use Facebook Insight

Aside from allowing you to create a business page, Facebook also developed an analytical tool to analyze and measure your brand’s presence. This analytical tool is called Facebook Insight.

Facebook Insight gives you information on how many people have visited and engaged with your page. Such information will be extremely useful in determining which postings garner the most and least engagement. You can develop better marketing and advertising plan due to this.

This tool can also assist you in determining the best time to publish your material. Remember that the timing of your post is just as essential as the content. Recognize that everyone has a busy schedule, so attempt to target the time when they’re most likely to be on Facebook.

Final Thought

There are billions of Facebook users worldwide, and some of them might be prospective clients for you. As a result, failing to develop a page for your company will be a huge error. Besides, it merely takes a few clicks to create a Facebook page for your business. Plus, it’s budget-friendly, too.