Claiming an Inactive Twitter Handle

When a Twitter handle is inactive, there’s a specific process you must go through to claim it (or have the account change over) to your own. There are four main steps, and if you understand them and act fast, your chances of getting an inactive Twitter handle can be exceptionally high.

Step 1: Find an Inactive Twitter Account

The first step of how to get an inactive twitter handle is to identify the username you want and ensure that is classifies as an inactive profile. For example, let’s say there is a Twitter handle @maimihamburger that is inactive, and you’d like to have it. So, this is the username that you’ve identified as one that you’d like to have. 

Here is the catch. The username you’d like must have been inactive for at least a year and a half. You can find if it is inactive just by checking the last tweet made by the account. If you have confirmed that the username is indeed active for such a period at minimum, you can move to the next task. 

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Step 2: Prepare Your Base Account

The next thing you’d have to do is to create an account with the similar username. So, in our example, let’s say you create @miamihamburger_ or @miamihamburgers1

You will work to fill up the account with tweets, followers, a cover photo, and a professional bio. Why do we do this? Because this is the account onto which the claim would happen. Meaning, when we file for a claim of inactive account, they’ll assign the username to you on this account. 

Step 3: File a Claim

The third step in claiming an inactive Twitter handle is to go through a service that helps you file your claim with Twitter. Your best bet would be to approach a reputable social media agency that can do the process on your behalf. The agency would typically have a way to contact the internal team at Twitter and have your request processed. 

The process of claim is simple. Once the application is made, your current account username is edited by the Twitter team to your desired username. The inactive account is not deleted, it is renamed to something else. 

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So, your account goes from @miamihamburgers1 to @miamihamburger

And the inactive account goes from @miamihamburger to @miamihamburger123 or anything else

Step 4: Start Using Your New Account

Once you have filed your claim with Twitter within a matter of days your claim would be processed, and you will now have the username that you desired. The account you had as your base account, stays intact. Meaning, all your posts, followers, tweets, all stay as is. All that happens is that your username is edited to your desired username. And that’s it!

You can use the account moving forward just like you would any regular account. And, the username, once assigned to you cannot be reversed. Meaning, its yours to use however you wish!

Final Thoughts

The four steps above are a great general guide on claiming an inactive Twitter handle. There are millions and millions of amazing usernames that are sitting dormant on Twitter, and you can have any of them claimed so that you could make use of them. With the right social agency backing you up, you could the perfect username to match your brand name and identity in no time! Having the proper Twitter handle is vital because it’s the first thing people notice about you on the social media platform. You want a handle that shows the passion and dedication for your craft and the people who follow you.

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If you follow these four steps and pay attention to detail, you can have a great Twitter handle in no time. However, keep in mind that the entire process does take a couple of days, so you’ll want to act fast; otherwise, someone else could grab the Twitter handle you want. It’s not that difficult to get your Twitter handle; it just takes a little patience and the right steps to claim an inactive Twitter account. The best part is that once you get the Twitter handle, it will be your property to do whatever you want with it.