Hire Mobile app Developers

Developing a great app can be tricky, but the possibilities that come with it are endless. That’s why many businesses hire app developers who can help them bring their ideas to life — and by presenting the same information in a well-designed, functional way. In this article, we will show you X time-tested steps to hire mobile app developers for any project.

How do companies tackle talent shortage in app development?

Most of you know that the IT industry constantly needs newcomers. Having to hire a programmer to make an app is even more complicated than it seems. But how exactly do companies tackle talent shortages? Some of them are so desperate that they are reskilling. Although you might fill a gap on the surface, you actually create another, bigger gap as you move an experienced employee from one position. Okay, then if this doesn’t work, what does?

In-house and remote teams

Finding the right team for your company can be a challenge — qualified and experienced individuals don’t appear out of thin air. Fortunately, the IT industry is large enough to give you an ample amount of options.

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An in-house team

A dedicated in-house team is the best way to help you realize your app idea and bring it to life. Not only do you get the opportunity to share ideas and brainstorm with other team members, but there’s also a great sense of ownership your developers feel like they’re working on something important and personal.

There will be some drawbacks if you hire a coder to make an app on a permanent contract:

  • High total costs – the salary you will have to include medical and social insurance, as well as a higher salary.
  • HR processes – it takes time and money to hire an app developer. If you don’t have a stable HR department, this might be a problem.
  • Limited talent pool – if you’re based in Chicago, your talent pool is limited to Chicago and the area around the city.


A freelance app developer might cost you less than full-time workers. Freelancers realize that they must lower their rates or risk losing business to their competitors. A freelancer will work as hard as a full-time employee, but he won’t expect to receive social benefits and other perks that employees insist on receiving.

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However, working with freelancers is risky. There are few key moments to have in mind before hiring a freelancer for your project:

  • Uncontrollable – freelancers are doing many things simultaneously, and it is hard to track what they do.
  • Reliability concerns – everyone is trying to win as many projects as possible. This means developers will often exaggerate their skills to get new assignments. The results you can see soon after you hire them.
  • Not tied to contracts – even if you work with professionals, they are not your employees. If they find something more profitable, they might leave your project unfinished and grab another assignment.

Hire mobile app developers from software companies

Working with a company to create an app is a great way to ensure you get a viable product. You can hire app developers that will deliver high-quality work at the best possible price — without sacrificing any of your core values. But how to hire an app developer in the USA, and is it worth finding partners from across the ocean?

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What makes American app developers great for your startup

Benefits of US-based companies

  • Covering time zones – if you hire a mobile app developer from the US, you will significantly benefit from similar time zones, which means you can be in touch during critical times.
  • Communication – you can understand each other without any issues so that all the processes will be streamlined.
  • Cultural factor – the cultural factor might be significant if you work with overseas teams. Whether it’s Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia – each region and country has its own culture. Working with like-minded people is a big relief in some cases.

If you hire mobile app developers from the US, you will probably pay a premium to other regions. But if the value for money is a priority, you will be quick to acknowledge the benefits of hiring top-class developers for your project.