Will intelligent robots steal our jobs? And how people are going to support those who are replaced by machines? For quite some time, there is already debate whether human employment will be employment by machines. Research done by Boston Consulting Group says that by year 2025, almost quarter of human jobs is going to be replaced by intelligent robots. Machines are becoming smarter each day, and some of the jobs are already done by robots. We need to focus on important question, what jobs we want to be done by humans and what jobs by robots. Some jobs could never be replaced by robots because of humans unique abilities and talents. But even if robots are used in some areas of work, it should not be considered as negative thing. Instead of that, machines can give more opportunities to people for focusing on solving problems and thinking more creatively. Automatic work machines could free humans from doing repetitive work all the time and focusing more on creating new innovations.

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How Is Technology Taking Over Our Jobs - Infographic