Over the past few months, the value of Bitcoin has been surging astronomically as the popular crypto continues to draw a massive amount of interest from investors around the world. NakitCoins is one of the leading Turkish cryptocurrency platforms that allow users to buy Bitcoins with cash securely.

How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash
How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash

How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash using NakitCoins

When you visit any NakitCoins office, you can easily buy BTC, ETH, XMR, XRP, or ZCash in a secure and user-friendly environment with cash. There is absolutely no reason to worry about privacy or any transaction limits.

Rather than meeting with strangers through insecure crypto marketplaces to trade in Bitcoin, go to a trusted crypto dealer such as NakitCoins and avoid the risks of losing your funds. At NakitCoins offices, you can purchase cryptocurrencies in American Dollars or EUROs at the most affordable rates.

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Enjoy minimal transaction fees (as low as 1%) when you are depositing funds into your account. Crypto buyers in Turkey can find NakitCoins offices in different locations including Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir.

Where can I buy bitcoins with cash? Follow these steps to buy Bitcoins with cash using NakitCoins

  • Use your email address to sign up for NakitCoins
  • Visit any of NakitCoins’ branches in Turkey with cash
  • A NakitCoins cashier will load your account with your Bitcoins minus the 1% transaction fee, after which you can then buy bitcoins with a cash deposit.
  • Depending on the market price, NakitCoins may charge you a 2% transaction fee when you are purchasing cryptos from your account.
  • All in all, a total fee of 3% from depositing funds is applicable till you purchase your crypto. In any case, you are always free to buy crypto from your account at any time that the market looks promising to you.
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And that is how to buy Bitcoins with cash at Nakitcoins. Acquire your crypto assets instantly without any limitations.

How to buy Bitcoin with cash from BTC ATM

Concerning how to purchase cryptocurrency with cash, BTC ATMs allow people to purchase BTC with cash without any headaches. This convenient means of buying BTC is also reliable as the machine will transfer your Bitcoins to your wallet safely.

Ever since they were introduced a couple of years ago, BTC machines have been growing steadily in popularity. However, while these ATMs are convenient, they are still in limited supply in different countries around the world.

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How can I buy bitcoin with cash near me? Customers who want to find out the locations of the nearest BTC ATMs can use CoinATMRadar and CoinFlip (for US citizens). These services will show the precise locations of nearby Bitcoin ATMs, their transaction fees and limits, as well as the ID documents required (if any). You will also see the contact information of the ATM operator.

When you are visiting a Bitcoin ATM, be sure to carry your Trade BTC wallet address along. As a matter of caution, you may also want to watch out for suspicious people hanging around the ATM center.

In general, BTC ATMs provide reliable platforms for people to purchase Bitcoins with cash — they are normally sited at secure locations to improve safety.