Making fake id on Facebook is a very simple task. Before we move on to make a fake id for facebook, we need to know why Facebook requests an Administration ID for confirmation.

Why Facebook asks for an ID?

Facebook is the most mainstream online networking site on the planet. Millions of individuals are utilizing Facebook to impart their messages and activities to others. Facebook discharged another news about fake fb accounts. That is Facebook has around 170 million fake clients.

They aim to make facebook clean for general public. So if in the recent times you did anything that Facebook does not permit to do, at that point Facebook adds your record to the survey area, which is for checking whether your account is fake or genuine.

What activities take your account into the danger zone?

1.       Uses third party plug-ins

2.       Send too many friends request per day

3.       Join too many groups in a day

4.       Accept too many friend request within little time

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5.       Spam posting

6.       adding fake details to your Facebook account information page

7.       Sending friend request to unknown people

So in the event that you did anything above recorded exercises. They without a doubt add your record to risk zoon. In the event that they did, at that point Facebook request an id to affirm your actual subtle elements.

Create Unlimited Fake Facebook Accounts(Easily) – [Without Mobile Verification] Techy Tricks

How to Create Fake ID for Facebook

There are bunch of methods to create fake id of facebook

  1. By Creating a Fake Government ID with For this you want knowledge about graphic designing.
  2. Generate a Fake Facebook ID using Mobile applicationslike Fake ID Generator. For this no need any graphic designing knowledge. Simple Smart Phone and a person image is enough.
    You can download it from google Image search.

How to Unlock You Facebook account with Fake Government ID

Using your phone to create fake facebook ID

(1) Go to play store and search for “Fake ID Generator” or go to the link Click for link

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(2) Download the fake ID Generator and Installs to your phone

(3) Open Fake ID Generator application

(4) Click Create ID and Select Blueprint ID or Employee Badge or Generic ID, Student ID (Include fields date of birth and Country).

(5) Select Photo and upload your face photo with simple background.

Include name, your date of birth and province (Give as on Facebook account) and different points of interest guarantee you have similar name, territory, Date of birth, and other information in counterfeit government id and Facebook account.

(6) Then click blue Green right icon and click save.

(7) Go to your gallery and open the ID image

(8) You will see a watermark named Fake ID Generator

(9) Clear that watermark using any software such as Photoshop, paint or any other image editing software’s.

(10) Go to and login using your user name and password. In this step they ask for an ID screenshot for verify your account.

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(11) So upload the edited fake ID Generator photo and submit to Fac

You have to wait 2 or 3 days to get your Facebook account back.

How to Make Unlimited Fake facebook accounts without Number Or Email

Using your Desktop to create fake facebook ID

(1) Download any ID photos from google and Photoshop it or Download Android emulator and Use your desktop as a android phone. Then follow the Using your phone to create fake fb ID introductions. DONE

You used this strategy and recovered your id. At that point keep in mind to impart to your companions. This will create ease for them too. On the off chance that you had any issue in this strategy at that point bear in mind to examine with us in the remark area.

Trick To Make Unlimited Fake Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Verification