1. A good trophy base means having trophies as many as possible in the game. These trophies will you to keep your 2-star and that’s when you may want to give away your resources but you will never want to give away these trophies.
  2. Before winning and earning a lot of trophies, make sure that you have a good base behind where you can keep and defend your trophies. If you have a weaker base, try focusing on building it before you turn your focus towards earning trophies. A player with a weaker cannot win many trophies and even if he wins them, he can’t defend them.
  3. Also, for the defending your trophies, you need to create some good walls since they are first and best defensive strategy in Clash of Clans. Once you have built a better base and you also winning trophies, turn your attention towards building stronger walls now since they are important for the defense of your trophies and your overall COC career.
  4. I will keep bringing more updates, tips, and tricks on the same topic in the future. I really hope that these points are going to help you in creating an unbeatable Clash of Clans Th9 trophy base. Keep visiting our website for more cool Clash of Clans stuff.
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