How to Delete a Profile on Hulu on Android

How to Delete a Profile on Hulu on Android [2022]: Hulu is a video-on-request administration that allows every client to make their profile. A profile permits you to monitor your beloved shows and motion pictures. You might utilize it to keep your beloved films and shows unmistakable from what the remainder of your family is watching.

On all gadgets that help the streaming application, Hulu profiles are open. At the point when you make up for Hulu, the help will make an essential record for you. You may then make up to five different records. Each will have its own arrangement of information, ideas, and survey history.

Hulu will make an essential profile for you in view of your data when you sign up. It’s from that you’ll have the option to make five more, for an aggregate of six. Tragically, you can’t erase the first. All things being equal, you can make changes to it. The only ones you might eliminate are the ones you made when you initially joined. The means below will show you how to erase your Hulu profile.

Delete Hulu Profile From The Web

Delete Hulu Profile From The Web

By going to, you might eliminate a profile from Hulu. Follow the steps below after you’ve shown up:

  1. Log into your record utilizing your email or Facebook.
  2. On the principle screen, click Manage Profiles.
  3. Choose the profile you need to eliminate.
  4. A spring-up window will show up with a pencil symbol. Click on the alter pencil.
  5. Click Delete Profile.
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Indeed, An affirmation page will show, finding out if you’re certain you wish to eliminate the client. By tapping the red button, you might affirm your decision. Then, at that point, you’ll have the option to eliminate the client from your Hulu account and make another one. On the off chance that you wish to erase clients from the record, the technique is something the same.

Delete From Android and iPhone

Delete From Android and iPhone

To remove a client from an Android or iPhone device, follow the steps below.

  • Open the application on your Android devices.
  • Login if necessary
  • Tap on Manage Account
  • Tap on Profiles. A rundown of clients will show on the screen
  • Select the client you need to erase
  • Tap on the pencil symbol close to the client
  • Select Edit Profile
  • Tap on Delete Profile
  • Affirm the cancellation by tapping on the Red button.

You might remove the user from Android by squeezing the red button. Utilizing a similar methodology, you might erase Hulu profiles on your iPhone or cell phone. All settings, seeing advancement, and history are totally lost when you eliminate an Apple TV or Roku profile. You likewise will not have the option to fix or reestablish the erasure.

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A Hulu profile is an incredible way for yourself and different individuals from your family to monitor your cherished shows and motion pictures. You might make, switch, alter, and erase your Hulu profile subsequent to making a record with the real-time feature.

What Happens When You Delete Your Hulu Profile?

What Happens When You Delete Your Hulu Profile

On the off chance that you delete your Hulu profile, all the substance that you have watched will be taken out from your record. Likewise, you can not get to the substance that you have effectively watched. You could definitely know that in the event that you have bought any top-notch content from Hulu, it will stay in your record and you can watch it once more. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you delete your Hulu profile.

You will not have the option to get to the substance that you have bought. Additionally, when you re-make your Hulu profile, then, at that point, every one of the information from your past profile will be deleted. In this way, we suggest that prior to erasing your Hulu profile, ensure that you have all the expected data with respect to the installment subtleties and your login accreditations prepared. Additionally, ensure that you remember to make a reinforcement of all the significant data from your Hulu profile.

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How to delete a profile on Hulu using the mobile app

To delete a profile on Hulu using your phone (iOS or Android):

  1. Send off the Hulu application on your Android or iPhone.
  2. “Record” in the base right corner.
  3. Tap the name of your record at the top to get to the profile menu.
  4. “Alter” in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Tap the name of the profile you might want to erase.
  6. Look to the lower part of the screen and tap on “delete profile”.
  7. A spring-up menu will seem inquiring as to whether you are certain you wish to erase the profile. Tap “delete” to confirm your decision.

How to delete a profile on Hulu on TV-connected devices

Hulu is accessible on various stages like Roku, Smart TV, Apple TV, Game Consoles, Set-Top Boxes, and Streaming Sticks. The erasing system might vary somewhat relying upon the TV gadget you are utilizing.

  1. Nonetheless, all stages ought to have the accompanying advances:
  2. Open Hulu on the TV devices.
  3. Go to “Oversee Accounts”, and afterward select “Profiles”.
  4. Select the profile you wish to eliminate and squeeze OK.
  5. Press OK again to affirm the cancellation.
  6. Erasing a profile will likewise delete all watching history and profile settings.