How to Delete Messages on Skype for a Single Contact in Windows

There’s no questioning the way that Skype is the most stunning VoIP benefits around. A huge number of individuals utilize it regular, and it’s upheld by all portable and work area stages. In any case, much the same as many first class tech arrangements, Skype isn’t without its deficiencies. What’s more, in this guide we will demonstrate to you how. So with no further ado, we should get straight to it. Skype essentially stores all the content talks with contacts in the SQL database record called “main.db” which is put away inside the Roaming organizer of Windows. This database record in truth additionally conveys other data identified with settings and choices put away by the client. Luckily, there’s an approach to get to this data by means of an open source apparatus called SQLite. Utilizing this instrument you can get to the fundamental database document and expel any non-required information passages.

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How to Delete Messages on Skype

  1. First download SQLite Database Browser from Sourceforge and concentrate the substance of the ZIP chronicle to an effortlessly available area. SQLite is a compact instrument which implies it keeps running with no establishment.
  2. Dispatch the program and explore to ‘Open Database’ from ‘Record’ menu as exhibited in the screenshot underneath.
  3. Presently you have to peruse to the ‘main.db’ database record that I said before. Explore to the accompanying catalog:
  4. C:\Users\’windows_username’\AppData\Roaming\Skype\’skype_username’\
  5. Select ‘main’db’ from the accessible documents and snap ‘Open’.
  6. Inside SQLite program, click ‘Peruse Data’ tab, and under Table drop down menu click ‘Discussion’.
  7. This will open the discussion information sections put away inside the database relating to every client ID in your Skype contacts. This enables you to effectively discover the discussion you have to evacuate by recognizing the client ID.
  8. To erase a passage, you should simply click its related column took after by clicking ‘Erase Record’ at the upper right. You can feature and erase numerous records comparably. Subsequent to erasing non-required passages, click Save on the toolbar and close SQLite.
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