How to Download and Install iOSEmus App iOS 11/ 10/ 10.3 for iPad, iPhone Without Jailbreak

iOS Emulator iOS 11/ 10: How to Download and Install iOSEmus App on iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad

1. The first step is to launch the Safari Browser on your device.

2. Next, navigate to Now you have to scroll down and click on the Cydia Alternative.

3. There you shall see the iOSEmus; then you have to tap on install. While you click on the install option, you shall see a profile window which will be opened. Another “Install” button will be present on the top right. Just tap on the top right corner install button.

4. After you tap on the button, you shall get a warning message that says “Profile is not Signed Up”. This pop-up message is not really important; you can ignore that and then again tap on the “Install” button present on top right corner. Now you can just watch the installation process of iOSEmus automatically taking place.

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5. Depending on your internet connectivity, it might take up a few minutes; wait patiently. Once the installation process is complete, you can test the app by going to the home screen and then opening the app.