Google Docs New Features 2018

Google Docs group has uncovered a pack of new highlights. In this post we will control you through the essential new highlights presented in Google Docs.

What is Margin Ruler in Google Docs

The margin ruler is a standout amongst the most asked for highlight of Google Docs. Presently clients can utilize the ruler to set left and right edges and tabs.

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What is Image Handling in Google Docs

Taking care of pictures in records just got less demanding, simply drag them to wherever in the report, and it would not influence you to feel that you are altering it on the web. Simply change the position to Fixed and move it anyplace in the record.

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What is Comments in Google Docs

Another colorful element is including remarks. It would give every remark an alternate shading and stay with the line. Works generally like Sticky Notes.

How to Edit Margins in Google Docs

Other eminent highlights are;

  1. Continuous Collaboration of Documents
  2. Equation Bar
  3. Tab Stop Rulers
  4. Upgraded Spell Checking on real time
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