How To Find Your Local And External IP Address in Windows

How to Find Your Local and External IP Address

When you’re investigating web and systems administration issues on your smartphone, one key snippet of data is your IP address. This is very easy to discover on both a Macintosh and Windows PC. Here’s the means by which to do it.

Local IP vs. External/Outside IP Addresses

First of all, you should know there are two sorts of IP addresses: local and public. Your local IP address is the thing that recognizes your PC or gadget to the nearby system. Your external/open IP address is the thing that everyone on the web sees. To begin with, how about we investigate how to locate your external/open IP address since that is less demanding as well as more frequently used.

  1. Visit a search engine like Google and search for what’s my IP
  2. The first result you get should be a site called What’s My IP Address. Click on that.
  3. Your external/public IP address should be prominently displayed on the resulting page.
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Now we will begin with finding local IP address of your Windows OS:

  1. Click on the Start menu and type cmd. When you see the cmd applications in Start menu panel, click it or just press enter.
  1. A command line window will open. Type ipconfig and press enter.
  2. You’ll see a bunch of information, but the line you want to look for is “IPv4 Address.” The number across from that text is your local IP address.
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Now we will show you how it is done on a MAC:

  1. Open System Preferences (via the Apple menu at the top lefthand corner of your screen).
  2. When System Preferences opens, click on the icon labeled Network.
  3. You should see a few options on the left with labels like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc. The ones with green dots have IP addresses assigned to them. Click the one on top (if it isn’t already selected) and look to the right. There should be a sentence that reads something like “Wi-Fi is connected to Chocolate and has the IP address” The number at the end of that sentence is your local IP address.
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In the beginning there is a video of how to do this practically so see that and start your work.