Is your Mac slowing down? Does it hang when you are in the middle of a project? Does it take longer to boot? Well, it could be that you are running out of storage space. Inadequate space in your Mac will affect the efficiency of your computer ultimately affecting your user experience. When it happens, don’t panic! There are ways out. Here are some practical tips to free up more space. Below in this article, we will cover the How to Make Up More Storage Space on Your Mac.

How to Make Up More Storage Space on Your Mac
How to Make Up More Storage Space on Your Mac

Automate How You Empty Trash

Whenever you don’t use files such as movies, you tend to delete them to create more space in your Mac. The problem is that they will likely still take up more space. Yes, they are stored in the trash. That is why you should always empty your trash as well. But we can agree that is much work. You can be forgiven to overlook it, especially when you get too engrossed in your work. 

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You can make your work easy and turn on the function that automatically empties your trash periodically. This will significantly add to your space as you delete stuff you don’t need.

Store Files in the iCloud 

iCloud offers 5 GB of free storage space to transfer your files from your Apple devices. In fact, you can pay for more storage if you need to. The service allows you to buy up to two terabytes of cloud storage to store your files. Now, how much space do you have to back your files on the iCloud? It is actually pretty easy to check. For example, on your Mac, head to the System Preferences. Click on Apple ID and you will get the info at the bottom of the dialog window. You can find out if there are files eating up space on the iCloud. You can free up space, then store your local files to make up more space on Mac. 

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You can always transfer files, photos, videos, watch TV films, and programs and more to the iCloud. The beauty is that you will be able to download them any time you need to use them. It is also one clever way to protect against losing critical files should you lose or damage your Mac device.

Reduce clutter on your Mac 

Your Mac has the option to help you reduce clutter. You can easily locate the largest files on your Mac to find any duplicate files thanks to the Review Files button. You can analyze space through a categories filter. It saves you the time you could otherwise use to hunt around for the biggest files. Find any unnecessary files that you can remove permanently from your Mac. Again, you can move some to the cloud to create more space in your computer.
Tip: You can also use a cleaner app to manage junk build-up in your Mac.

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Wrap up

Your Mac computer will naturally wane with time as you use it. At times it could be that you are running out of space. Consequently, it might affect your user experience. Luckily, with a few hacks, you can create more space to keep your device running smoothly.