Here and there we get somewhat trigger content with our window-shutting mouse clicks. UndoClose monitors the windows you close and gives you a chance to revive them with a console alternate route.

How do I reopen a tab I accidentally closed?

Much the same as reviving old program tabs with Ctrl+Shift+T—one of our most loved console easy routes here at Lifehacker—UndoClose gives you a chance to revive incidentally shut windows with any alternate way you need. Truth be told, UndoClose gives you a chance to set two distinctive console alternate routes: one for opening shut windows, and one for opening shut organizers from Windows Explorer. It’s awesome to have the qualification on the off chance that you utilize Windows Explorer a ton. The program’s just drawback is that it can’t revive windows from a multi-window application; it can just revive windows from programs you’ve shut totally. In this way, on the off chance that you coincidentally shut an IM window from Pidgin, yet at the same time have your pal list open, UndoClose can’t revive that IM window—it’ll simply center your amigo list, since it can’t recognize shut windows and shut applications. All things considered, it’s truly convenient for most applications, particularly Windows Explorer. Look at the video above to see a show, or hit the connection underneath to look at it. UndoClose is a free download for Windows as it were.

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