How to Set Alarm on Mac

While the App Store gives a few alternatives to introducing a wake up timer on your Mac, you don’t have to look any more remote than the Calendar application as of now introduced with OS X Mavericks. Set cautions for birthday celebrations, to wake up after a snooze, remind you about critical gatherings or set up a one-time alert for unique events. The Calendar application even enables you to utilize a rest highlight to rehash the caution following a deferral of 15 minutes. Utilizing the Calendar application likewise enables you to get alarms on your different gadgets, in the event that you set up iCloud on your MacBook and different iOS gadgets.

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Set a One-Time Alert

Step1.  Tap the Calendar symbol situated in the Dock. In the event that the Calendar symbol doesn’t show in the Dock, tap the “Go” menu, select “Applications” and double tap “Logbook.”

Step2.  Double tap the date that you need to use for the caution. Sort a name for the caution in the “New Event” content region.

Step3.  Select the date and pick the time that you need the caution to go off in the “From:” field. You don’t have to change the data in the “To:” field.

Step4. Pick the “Alarm:” drop-down menu and select “Custom.”

Step5.  Select the “Message With Sound” alternative from the main drop-down menu.

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Step6. Pick a sound from the rundown of alternatives in the second drop-down menu. On the other hand, select “Open File” and pick a sound record on your hard drive to play when the alert goes off.

Step7.  Select “At the Time of Event” from the last drop-down menu and snap “alright.” You can likewise choose the “Minutes Before” choice and enter a numerical incentive to have the alert go off before the set occasion time.

Set Events and Birthday Alerts

Step1.  Dispatch the Calendar application, select the “Logbook” menu and snap “Preferences…” starting from the drop menu.

Step2.Tap the “Alarms” tab.

Step3. Select the “Occasions” drop-down menu and pick “At Time of Event.” You can likewise pick another alternative, on the off chance that you need the alert to go off before the occasion.

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Step4. Select the “Throughout the Day Events:” drop-down menu, trailed by the “Birthday events:” drop-down menu and select when you need the caution to go off for the two settings. You can choose an alternative to set off the alert upon the arrival of the occasion, the day preceding, two days earlier or seven days prior.

Step5.Uncheck the “Utilization These Default Alerts On Only This Computer” on the off chance that you don’t need the alarms to match up with your other iCloud associated gadgets.