How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup: Once in a while, you simply don’t need your strike gatherings’ unending tirade over who stole the plunder in the last prison to be the principal thing welcoming you when you boot up your PC. We get that. Here’s the manner by which to set Discord account with the goal that you choose when you’re prepared to take sides in that talk:

  1. Open the framework plate

Make a beeline for the base right hand corner of your work area, and tap the bolt to pull up your framework plate.

  1. Right tap the Discord symbol

Sufficiently basic. Your framework plate will presumably look somewhat changed, however that charming minimal outsider face ought to be in that menu some place. Try to right snap!

  1. Incapacitate startup

Deselect the “keep running on startup” alternative.

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