Taking selfies even with glasses

Here are some professional grade selfie tips for those who want to capture themselves in the perfect selfie, even with their glasses on!

  • The rule of thirds – the rule of thirds basically asks you to imagine your screen as a grid of 3 by 3 sections to create reference points. Then, when you are taking the selfie, make sure your eyes are a third down from the top most edge of the screen and inclined to one side of the frame. This will help you get your glass covered eyes in the best angle.
  • Focus on the face – The main objective of the selfie, in general, is to focus on your face and not the background. An out of focus background is what you need to create a selfie which arouses interest.
  • Enhance to accentuate – A little touching up of the selfie is not a bad thing to do! In fact, by using one of the enhancing applications, you can accentuate your facial features for a more remarkable selfie.
  • Backlighting – ensure that the source of light is behind your head when taking a selfie. This will create an interesting impact and form the perfect source of light.
  • Tilt your head – tilt your head slightly in a way that the glasses are lower than the angle at which the light source has been set.
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How To Take A Good Selfies – Even With Glasses - Infographic