There is no question that humans will try to go to Mars within the next 10 years. Many nations and companies are already working really hard on launchers and spacecrafts to achieve this almost unrealistic mission. So, why to try living on Mars if we can live here on Earth? Well, technically speaking, we can’t. If we are planning to live there, we should form the place and live under the domes. Mars as a planet is totally different environment then ours. It is hostile, combined with intense radiation levels, atmosphere that is no breathable and on top of that extremely cold. But, if we as a human race want to further expand into Solar System we will have to find a way to live there, and I think we are capable of it. Many people don’t share the opinion that we should force going to Mars because we have everything here on Earth. So what are the reasons to go there?

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How We’ll Live On Mars - Infographic