Keep Your Home Safe


Home security is very important when it comes to not only protecting your family and the items in your home, but it also gives you peace of mind. While everyone thinks to keep their doors secured by locking them up and always closing them, many don’t do the same for their windows.

But the truth is, windows are one of the favorite entry points into your home for burglars everywhere, and they shouldn’t be forgotten about. With that in mind, this article is going to go over how to secure your windows in an effort to keep your home safe.

Use Window Sensors/Contacts

The first tip is to make sure you have technology on or around the windows to keep them safe. This includes things like window sensors and contacts. These will alert you every time a window is opened, or if there is a disturbance of some kind that sets them off. This alarm in most cases will be more than enough to scare someone off, and keep them away. They can give you lots of confidence that you’ll know anytime anyone attempts to enter your home through the windows.

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Also be sure to learn how alarm contacts actually work, as you want to have at least a basic understanding of how your home security system works. If not, they may not be armed or even set up correctly, which could hurt their ability to work as intended.

Ensure the Windows are Locked

Next, you want to make sure that you keep all of your windows locked. If they are open, or even closed but unlocked, you may be shocked at how easy someone can gain access to your home here. Keeping a window open to let some fresh air in when you’re at home is often okay, but you may want to close it at night, and certainly before you go anywhere. 

It only takes a few seconds, but is something that so many people simply forget about. While windows can sometimes be broken, more often than not burglars will want to enter quietly, and there are few things quieter than opening a window.

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Invest in Better Glass

The glass in your window is another factor in how secure and safe your windows can be. If they are old and thin, they can be very easy to break and this can be a risk. You want to find a way to make your windows harder to break. This could be done with adding a film to your windows, or simply replacing your windows with something thicker or stronger. This can be expensive in some cases, but can certainly help you to worry less.

This can be tempered glass, plexiglass or polycarbonate. All of these are much stronger and will stand up to a ton of impact before showing any signs of wear or damage. While many burglars won’t break glass to enter a home (as it is quite noisy), some might, so it is better to be prepared in case.

Keep the Areas Around Your Windows Bright and Clear

When burglars attempt to enter a home, they often want to do it as quietly, and stealthily as possible. If you have shrubs right up against a window or the area is very dark, this is great for burglars. They have a place to hide and can operate in total darkness without any real fear of being seen.

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As a result, be sure to keep the area under windows as clear as possible. Ensure there is nowhere for anyone to hide in or under. Or, another option is to have prickly or sharp plants or shrubs under windows to deter people from trying to enter them.

In addition to keeping the area clear, consider having motion lights that cover some of your windows. This will sense any movement close to the window, and the bright light will certainly scare most potential burglars and criminals away.

By keeping your windows secure, you can ensure that your home is as protected as possible. Next to doors, they are the favorite entry point of burglars, so don’t disregard them in your home security plans.