Be that as it may, today Learn English in Bangla. I’ve not made every one of these instructional exercises. These courses/instructional exercises are made by different people. I gathered every one of them. Presently, it is the ideal opportunity for sharing. There are numerous EBooks in the market for learning English. Be that as it may, there is no book for the understudies of all levels to take in the English Language. Not just that, there is no ideal book for learning communicated in English in Bengali Language. Consequently, understudies can learn legitimate English. 99% of understudies sit tight to coach focuses. On the off chance that there are some instructing focuses, however there are bad coaches or great condition for learning English. A few understudies have cash issues, consequently most extreme understudies have denied the chance to get bolster.

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Thinking about these perspectives, I will share the mega gathering of “Communicated in English/General English” PDF EBooks, Video Tutorials and Audio Tutorials. English is a global dialect. Everyone ought to learn English. We ought to learn English. You ought to learn English. To learn English, you’ve to recall couple of things.

Tips and traps for learning English

  1. To begin with, English isn’t a dialect of our nation. It is an outside dialect. We say, “Ruler of Languages!” So, you’ve to compose, perused and communicate in English in an elaborate way. You’ve to focus on the articulation.
  2. Second, you need to expand the supply of words. Along these lines, begin with the letters in order.
  3. You need to peruse, compose and talk routinely in English.
  4. Endeavors must proceed. I think you realize that, “Practice makes a man culminate”.
  5. You can interpret the sentences from Bengali to English or English for learning at
  6. You can check the syntactic mistake on
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I know you are sitting tight for the download interface. There are heaps of records for downloading to learn English. Take after the connections beneath to download.

Complete English Grammar PDF EBook for Job in Bengali (Part 1) 6.4 MB

Complete English Grammar PDF EBook for Job in Bengali (Part 2) 2.7 MB

Complete English Grammar PDF EBook for Job in Bengali (Part 3) 4.7 MB