Mac vs PC People 2018 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Differences between MAC and PC

The huge difference can be found with the design. With Apple computers the CPU and monitor were placed into a single unit. That reduced the number of different cables that were necessary for powering. Mac computers have unique design and even though lots of manufacturers tried to copy the design none of them actually reached the level of beautifulness and uniqueness like Mac. Just like I said above, Mac computers have unique design because they have only one manufacturer, Apple. But what about PCs? There are lots of different manufacturers and hundreds of designs for PCs. There are PCs with minimalistic design while some focus on details. There are also some that tried to focus on Apple but once again it’s not the same thing. If you are fan of great and unique design you must have Mac. If not, you’ll be able to find perfectly nice computer among Windows PCs.

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Mac vs PC People - Infographic