Money-Making Games On iOS
Money-Making Games On iOS

We’ve all gradually gotten accustomed to iOS games costing us money. Yes, there’s a totally free game (usually a fairly simple one) now and then. But usually, if it’s free, it’s no fun without in-app purchases, and if it isn’t free, well, naturally it costs money. Recently, Apple has even established a whole new model for a mobile game, providing access to exclusive “Apple Arcade” games for $4.99 a month. Below in this article, we will cover the Money-Making Games On iOS.

Typically most people still spend less than $100 in a given year on mobile gaming which – if you play iOS car games regularly – doesn’t sound too bad. Still, one way one can look to offset gaming costs is to find games that can actually make you money. To be clear, we aren’t suggesting this is some automatic hack android games, nor that there isn’t some risk of losing money on some of these games. But it’s all about fun in the end, and if you can make a bit of cash while you’re at it, why not?

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Survey & Poll Apps

These aren’t exactly games, in the traditional sense, but many people do enjoy answering questions to share opinions and preferences. It’s why we get lost for hours in Buzzfeed quizzes asking us about our favorite desserts and travel destinations; it may even be why some of us actually enjoy working on mobile dating profiles, answering endless strings of prompts. Survey and poll apps (like Surveys On The Go and iPoll) aren’t quite as fun, but they do hep users make a marginal amount of spare cash by idly sifting through questionnaires. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos aren’t legal everywhere, but where they are, some of them can provide real-money earning potential. And if this is a category that appeals to you, don’t limit yourself to some of the cheesy slot imitations you’ll likely see first in the category. Instead, do some digging. There are sophisticated card and table game apps out there that you can also access via your iOS store. Some of the UK’s mobile casinos have real-money rewards as well and can often be enjoyed via app or browser. Simply put, if your area allows for online casino play and it interests you, you can find something you’ll enjoy.

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Quiz & Trivia Apps

Quiz and trivia apps are usually long shots when it comes to earnings potential, but they can be fun, and every little bit helps. In the context of offsetting other mobile gaming expenses, in fact, you may cover a significant fraction of your monthly or yearly expenses with a single big trivia win on the right app. Right now the most popular options would probably be HQ Trivia (on which it’s very hard to earn more than a few cents at a time, if we’re being honest) and Perk Pop Quiz! (where you earn rewards for gift cards rather than direct cash).

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Crypto Arcades

If you’re interested in the cryptocurrency market, you actually have a lot of different options. Crypto-based mobile arcades have quietly established something of a genre unto themselves, providing a range of gaming experiences that can earn players small amounts of various cryptocurrencies.

As you can see we’re not talking about large amounts of money, and in some cases you may wind up paying more than you earn back. But these are at least options to consider if you’re curious about iOS games that can earn you some money.Follow my blog with Bloglovin