Do you know that Play Apex Legends has witnessed increased interest among the players over the past few months? There is a genuine reason behind it. Apex Legends is a quality-free game with exciting twists and turns. It is a team-based and first-person shooter game where 60 players drop down on the same map, loot, and fight until only one is left.

Looting and shooting are the core of Apex Legends, but you will need more than that to survive and become a winner in the game, especially the beginners. You can take the help of Apex Cheats which offers undetected hacks and support throughout the game.

Apex Legends demands you to stay sharp, loot, use your strengths, and be close with your squad to ensure a win. Here is a beginner’s guide to help you play Apex Legends.

Choose a legend

All rivals are equal, and the Legends are evenly matched in firepower, strength, and speed. However, it is their abilities that make them differ from one another. So, you will have to pick the legend that matches your playstyle and complements your squad.

You can choose between Gibraltar, who acts as a shield between your team and rivals, or Pathfinder, a perfect pick with his trusty grappling hook. Figure out the exact role you want to play and try different Legends to find out which suits you the best.

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Familiarize with Arena

King Canyon is the map where all Apex matches happen. It is a deadly playground with different terrain types, abandoned buildings and military installations, and a sprawling desert full of ruined outposts. You need to learn how to move, places of hotspots activity, and find the best loot.

A giant ring surrounds the arena that shrinks at regular intervals. You have to move fast to grab items you need before it closes and damages you. Knowing your surroundings will enable you to make quick decisions and proceed accordingly.

Be careful in loot

The various map sections spawn different loot tiers. A higher weapon or armor’s tier makes it more robust and increases your chance of making it to the match’s end. Some locations on the map are full of high-tier loot. It means all players will try to get to these spots first. You start each map with no armor or weapons, so you and your team will have to decide whether high-tier caches are worth the risk to take each time you play.

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Be with the team

Playing with the squad is critical to success in Apex Legends. Here, you jump into the arena with two teammates. You can keep each other safe and get ahead of your rivals by working together and combining your abilities. So, stick close to your team and increase a higher chance of getting success.

You can give helpful information to your teammates through an in-game system. It enables you to ping about valuable items and locations on the screens. You can locate gear pieces’ positions, highlight threats, and inform your teammates in which direction you are moving before you plug in a microphone.

Pick weapons carefully

You have only eight slots to start within the Apex Legends. So, it is easy to fill those by picking up different ammunition types, grenades, and shield replenishers. It is OK to pick everything you see when you first drop. But take a look at your backpack after grabbing a weapon or two. Try shedding the ammo that you cannot use currently.

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It is a waste to log around unusable ammo, especially when you can use precious attachments or slots or consumables close to you.

Revive your teammates

You can bring your teammates back from the dead. After your health gets depleted, you will go into a downed state. You are alive but slow and will need medical attention. Your squad can save you before you die. Every legend drops a legend banner on dying that only your teammates can pick up. Taking it to a respawn beacon can bring the legend back to life.

Reviving is a bit risky as the player who returns will have no weapons or armor. However, a successful revival can bring your team back from the threat of defeat.


Survival is a bit challenging in Apex Legends. You will have to play smartly by applying strategies and sticking to your team. Practicing the game with legends will make you perfect. The above guide will tell you how to play the Apex Legends to get close to a win.