Everything You Need to Know About RAM & Memory Management

You are ideal about blending distinctive RAM modules—if there’s one thing you completely can’t blend, it’s DDR with DDR2, or DDR2 with DDR3, et cetera. Smash is really muddled, however there are a couple of things you can blend and a couple of things you shouldn’t. Regardless, I don’t prescribe it. In case you’re purchasing new RAM, you’re presumably going to make your life a considerable measure simpler by purchasing precisely the same as you as of now have in your machine. But can you mix RAM brands? All things considered, in the event that you completely need to blend them, here are some broad rules.

You need to ensure each stick has similar CAS idleness, timings, and voltage. While you can change these settings in the BIOS to influence the two sticks to coordinate (we quickly demonstrated to you how when we talked about overclocking your processor), I don’t know why you’d need to. You’d need to invest a lot of energy messing around with everything, and presumably underclock no less than one of your DIMMs all the while—and there’s no assurance it would work and still, after all that. Extremely, it’s significantly more inconvenience than it’s worth.

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Blending RAM speed, be that as it may, is a marginally extraordinary issue. In principle, on the off chance that you needed to, you could blend, say, this Patriot display (DDR3 1333) with this Corsair show (DDR3 1600), since they have similar CAS idleness, timings, and suggested voltage. Your motherboard would likely just naturally underclock the quicker one, and you wouldn’t keep running into any issues. Consequently, it’s conceivable, however take note of that when you begin blending speeds, a chain is just as solid as its weakest connection, as it were. Your RAM will just keep running at the speed of the slowest DIMM, unless you needed to overclock the others.

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None of this essentially ensures working RAM, obviously—you might be welcomed with the Blue Screen of Death if your DIMMs simply don’t care for each other (or your motherboard doesn’t care for one of the DIMMs). More often than not, however, your PC will run fine on the off chance that you blend diverse brands, sizes and speeds. In case you’re simply doing it to cobble together a moment PC from old parts, and would prefer not to spend any cash, that is fine—however in the event that you’re adding RAM to your present PC, I’d suggest getting precisely the same of RAM you as of now have introduced. Memory is sufficiently modest these days that you’re most likely happier simply getting some new DIMMs and resting until tomorrow—that is the main way you will get the best execution out of your PC.

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