Schedule Tweets using Hootsuite

Schedule Tweets using Hootsuite

Okay, we may be biased on this one, but scheduling Tweets is one of our favorite Twitter tricks. If you’re interrupting your workflow to sign into Twitter, write Tweets, and post them throughout the day, you’re not making the best use of your time. It’s much more efficient to create your Tweets in one dedicated chunk of time, then schedule them to post throughout the day.

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How to do it:

  1. In your Hootsuite dashboard, click Compose Message
  2. Type your message and include relevant links and photos if you have them
  3. Click to select a profile from the profile picker
  4. Click the calendar icon
  5. From the calendar, select the date for the message to be sent
  6. Select the time for the message to be sent
  7. Click Schedule
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