Complete Shopify Course 2018 – Beginner To Advanced

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Shopify is a comprehensive eCommerce solution that allows you to set up the online store to sell your products.

Module 1: Setting up a store that dominates:

–- Picking your niche for Shopify.

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–- Sourcing the products & finding the suppliers.

–- After that setting up a high converting store.

–- How to grow your email list with free shipping offers.

–- Which Shopify apps are a must have to make your life comfortable on a daily basis.

Module 2 – Getting Traffic to your site:

–- How to quickly test products with FB ads to find a winning product.

–- My strategy for scaling ads without damaging your ROI.

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–- How to create ads that change without any targeting.

–- Diversifying your traffic sources so if one is performing inefficiently the others can pick up the slack.

Module 3 – Making Money on the Backend:

–- How to set up your email list.

–- Creating emails that generate you $1000’s in sales per week for free.

–- Targeting specific buyers with products in their niches.

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–- Get customers to order more with up sells.

Module 4 – Building your business for the long run:

–- How to structure your business to sell down the line.

–- Setting up your social media pages.

–- How to outsource tasks so your business can run on auto-pilot.

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