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Investment is one of the most profitable and interesting fields of activity. The investor does not need to waste time creating any business, setting up all the processes, and managing. The purpose of a successful investor is to find a promising business and invest in its development. Investors’ philosophy sounds as follows: we should not work for money – money should work for us.

The stock market is the most popular way to invest money, which has been around for over 300 years. There is also a cryptocurrency market, which is much younger yet much more attractive. This article will discuss the main differences between cryptocurrencies and stocks. 

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What is Crypto Trading?

Trading crypto is the process of cryptocurrency exchange with the purpose of profiting from the price volatility. A crypto trading platform serves as a space where investors buy cryptocurrencies and sell them using different trading tools. When picking a cryptocurrency to buy, an investor evaluates a project’s prospects, price indicators and charts, trade volume, and market capitalisation. Also, a trader analyses the overall market trend and external factors impacting crypto prices. The same happens with a stock market investor picking a promising company to invest in.

Comparing Stocks and Crypto

  • Value. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be used for trading, investing and purchasing various goods and services. In addition, some coins are utility, so they are used only within a particular system and have no value for investors. Stocks are a traditional form of investment, typically involving a share of ownership of a company.
  • Purpose. The key feature of the vast majority of digital coins is decentralization. There is no single regulatory center in the digital market. It is a new concept of financial freedom that the current economic and political elite has not yet adopted. Stocks can be bought or sold privately or on stock exchanges. Stocks are sold by companies looking for money to expand their business.
  • Intermediaries. As mentioned above, the fundamental idea of cryptocurrencies is decentralization, which excludes third parties. In traditional markets, the role of middlemen belongs to various financial institutions. In the stock market, an intermediary is a broker that connects buyers and sellers.
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If you want to try yourself in crypto investments, you can begin by registering on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. Before you decide to buy cryptocurrency, you should analyze its prospects for future growth.