Storage Containers for Your Home
Storage Containers for Your Home

An outdoor deck box is a perfect and convenient storage trunk that you may store on your deck, veranda, or garden. It can be used as a storage container for gardening tools, blankets, pillows, and other items, and it can also be utilized as a seat or table in some circumstances. Below the article here find the storage containers for your Home.

Having one in your backyard does not only keep your things with sufficient protection and neatness, but it also adds charm to your garden or terrace. The following waterproof, resilient, and durable storage boxes are not only essential because of their ability to keep things in order, but it’s a nice place for comfort since they can be seated or laid at and they are aesthetically cool.

1. Suncast 22-Gallon Outdoor Storage Container

This lovely waterproof outdoor storage box has a capacity of 22 gallons and is ideal for deck, patio, porch, yard, garage, and shed storage. Its water-resistant poly resin composition resists discoloration and rust, ensuring that your box looks brand new for coming years. It is suitable for storing pool toys, patio cushions, yard gloves, gardening tools, sports equipment, barbecue materials, and other items both indoors and outdoors.

2. Lifetime 130-Gallon Water Resistant Deck Box

This 130-gallon plastic deck storage box is an excellent option for indoor and outdoor storage. This deck box has enough space to store your garden equipment, pillows, and pool accessories. It also gives plenty of seats for your patio, deck, or garden. The plastic structure guarantees that it will last for many years. This box is enameled in the color desert sand. A locking mechanism is built into the lift-open lid, and the coating on this deck box is weather resistant. 

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3. Suncast 73-Gallon Deck Box

This resin storage container is a stylish and functional alternative for usage around the house and yard. The chest design and movable lid make it simple to access your tools and accessories. With a capacity of 73 gallons and dimensions of 46″ W x 22″ D x 23″ H, the deck box is portable and space-friendly, conveniently nestled away in your garage or laundry room. Use it on your deck to store gardening tools, patio cushions, and grill accessories, or in your house to store hats, boots, gloves, and more.

4. Keter 120-Gallon Resin Deck Box

This Brightwood 120-gallon resin deck box is a fantastic addition to any outdoor living space, combining design and usefulness. On its top, this deck box has seats for two individuals. The side handles make lifting and moving easier. The plastic structure ensures that it will last for many years. This box’s wooden look provides it with a traditional charm, and it comes with two pistons.

5. Sol 72 Outdoor Surbit 110-Gallon Deck Box

With a deck box like this one, you can keep pillows, stuffed animals, and other items organized and easily accessible. This deck box is excellent for terraces or poolside, with a slatted shape and arched top, specially designed for serving as an additional bench when sitting is limited. And, because it’s made of resin plastic, it’s weather-, UV-, and water-resistant, making it ideal for dwelling in your outdoor setting. Furthermore, the locking feature allows you to simply keep whatever you store within protection.

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6. Glitzhome 140-Gallon Wicker Deck Box

With a tight weave, resilient structure, and elegant and immaculate quality, handwoven storage boxes are a wonderful complement to any space in the house. This ideally sized wicker storage box is the solution to your dreams, with an anti-rust steel frame that is tough and durable; for organization aficionados who enjoy aesthetics as well as usefulness.

7. East Urban Home 95.1-Gallon Wicker Deck Box

This deck box is constructed of PE rattan and is perfect for keeping blankets, books, pillows, toys, and other stuff that may be lying around your yard or covered patio. The storage box has a waterproof interior, making it an excellent storage place for keeping your items tidy and secure. The box is simple to wash, durable, and suited for every day outside usage thanks to the water- and weather-resistant PE rattan. A powder-coated steel frame adds solidity and sturdiness to the storage box. The waterproof polyester lining keeps wetness out of your things.

8. Symple Stuff Acacia Deck Box

This outdoor storage box has a rustic beauty that will complement any indoor or outdoor space. The deck box is composed of solid acacia wood, which makes it tough, long-lasting, and suited for outdoor use. The storage trunk has enough space for keeping various household or gardening things accessible and nicely arranged.

9. GDY 113-Gallon Resin Lockable Deck Box

The outdoor storage box is a visually appealing location for storing all of your outside items secure and clean. Store sports equipment, seat pillows and cushions, pool accouterments, gardening tools, and more in this deck box.  It functions as both an outdoor storage container and an extra seat for your terrace, porch, or garden. By placing a mattress on top of the box, you can transform it into a pleasant patio seat for your visitors.

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10. Gold Flamingo Alexandro 204-Gallon Deck Box

Stocking the deck box with outdoor necessities keeps your backyard orderly. With a slanted top and made from resin wicker, the interior water-resistant storage bag protects against the weather. The hinged top is simple to open and close, and the extra-large storage space accommodates your larger pillows well.

11. Gold Flamingo Alexandro 196-Gallon Wicker Deck Box

This wicker deck box will wow you with a traditional or modern design that will complement your garden decor. Made of resin wicker in a sturdy design with a built-in water-resistant fabric, it protects effectively from all outside elements. The lid has a lift-up hinge mechanism that makes it easy to reach, and side panels with handles make it easy to transfer to the desired spot. The deck box with a large capacity that can be used for storage as well as a table is a great way of keeping your garden clutter-free.

In A Nutshell

With these deck boxes, you can keep your necessary equipment in your yard or pool. Don’t let your tools stay anywhere and start placing them in a more secure place like these storage containers. Wondering where to cop them? You can check them out at Storables!