The topic of sex education in schools is still taboo. Sometimes, I can’t believe that some people are against sex education in schools. There are countries out there which implemented these classes without any problems, and the results are showing that sex-ed is in fact, efficient. More than that, some high schools in France are handing out free condoms to their students. Because one thing is sure. You can never stop young people from being naughty. It’s statistically proven that abstinence is not efficient in lowering teen pregnancy rates, and it won’t prevent abortions either. We need to be adults as a society and accept the fact that youngsters were always and always will be sexually active, no matter how hard some groups are trying to deny that. below in this article, we will cover the The Case For Efficient Sex Education For Schools.

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You can see that from the internet search history of teens these days. Most of the free adult games websites are accessed by a big number of teens. And they’re not searching for MLP porn games to learn about how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It is our responsibility as adults to protect our children and teach them about these things before it’s too late. Keeping them in the dark about the truth on sex and about the many risks they expose themselves when they engage in sexual activity without being prepared.

The Case For Efficient Sex Education For Schools
The Case For Efficient Sex Education For Schools

One other argument against sex education in schools that I’ve heard was pointing at the fact that sex education should be held at home and taken care of by the parents of the children. Well, I can’t agree with that, and it’s because not all parents are comfortable discussing these delicate topics with their children. On top of that, parents are not trained in offering correct sex education to their children.

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These classes should be though by professionals, in a controlled environment, in which children can feel comfortable to ask any questions they might have and come forward with problems they might face within their sex life.

The old myth of the slippery slope that says sex education will lead to more teens having sex has been proven wrong a long time ago. There are countries with governmental backed sex education in schools where teen pregnancy rates have dropped significantly. Another myth said that sex education would lead to higher abortion rates, which has also been proven untrue. The truth is that countries like Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, where the public education system has adopted sex-ed classes for students are facing teen pregnancy rates which are lower than 10 out of 1000 pregnant women. Comparing with the United States where sex education isn’t well implemented and always fought against, you will notice an increase of five times more teen pregnancies, with 55 out of 1000 pregnancy reports coming from teens of under 18 years old.

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The numbers are showing it. The only thing that’s stopping the progress and keeping our teens safe are believes unrooted in reality and groups of vocal people who are acting on emotions, rather than rationality.